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Rochelle Goyle

Age: 415

Monster Parent: The Gargoyles

Killer Style: As being from Scaris, I like to mix my rock solid look with more of a stained glass design like I saw at Grand Bay Curch one time. It makes me look very superb. Am I not right?

Freaky Flaw: I am a very protective kind of ghoul(which is good if I were to ever become the hall monitor)and sometimes I just get way too protective and get in things I shouldn't even be in. I also have what you might call a "chip on my shoulder".

Favorite Color: Grey

Favorite Food: Hard rock candy

Biggest Pet Peeve: Pigeons. They always want to use the bathroom on me.

Favorite Activity: Sculpting. I want to make a little sister, but mom won't let me.


Roux is my sweet little gargoyle griffin. I've had her since she first hatched.

GFF's: Ghoulia Yelps and Robecca Steam

Favorite School Subject: Architecture. I have spent many o' days on and around buildings.

Least Favorite School Subject: Swimming. I sink down, down, down.




Scaris, City of Frights

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