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Robecca Steam

Age: 116

Monster Parent: A Mad Scientist

Killer Style: I would describe myself more old fashion even though we are into the modern time. Most monsters say I dress more "steam punk" and that I'm "cutting the edge". Sometimes I don't even know what the monster they're talking about.

Freaky Flaw: My internal clock always functions unproperly. That makes me always late for all the important stuff in my unlife. Good thing I have a permanent mechanics excuse in the Headmistress' office!

Favorite Color: Copper

Favorite Food: I normaly don't eat normal food, but I am very fond of ginger tea.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Rain

Favorite Activity: I am quite a scaredevil and love to use my rocket boots whenever I have the chance. They're perfect for when I'm running late!


Captain Penny is my little mechanical penguin. Her wings are very unnecessary when she's got a rocket jet pack!

GFF's: Rochelle Goyle and Frankie Stein

Favorite School Subject: Metal shop

Least Favorite School Subject: Home Ick. However, I am skilled at boiling water.




Dance Class

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