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Jinafire Long

Age: 1,500 scales

Monster Parent: The Chinese Dragon

Killer Style: I fire modern clothes up to make more of a fierce, unforgetable fashion sense. It's just me!

Freaky Flaw: If you make me get hot enough, I can set fire to objects. I've been trying to do better since I've recently burned my clothes and my last iCoffin.

Favorite Color: Royal red and Jade Green

Favorite food: I like very spicy foods, so my favorite style is Sichuan.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When I try to get new fashions my tail is always a problem. So, I have to kind of limit what I wear and what I don't.

Favorite Activity: Calligraphy. It helps me relax.

GFF's: Skelita Calaveras and Clawdeen Wolf

Favorite School Subject: Metal Shop. I love metallurgy and creating steel sculpture

Least Favorite School Subject: Physical Deaducation. Sweat ruins my makeup.



Basic/Scaris, City of Freights

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