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  • frankie stein lovers

    14 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2018

    if your a fan of frankie stein please join.

  • Left 4 Dead Fans

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2013

    if u like L4D or L4D2 join!

  • ummm a RaNoM group.

    1 member Latest Activity: May 5, 2012

    igloo sandwich a la mode funny chocolate face hahahahahahahahahahaha hinode butter oh vampire perfume dusk text reading kindle water bed roses…

  • Hunger games fans

    6 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2013

    All about hunger games

  • Shake It Up Fan Club

    7 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2013

    This fan club lets you express yourself and make videos showing you dancing to your favorite song, or just coming up with dance move ideas! Anyone…

  • kitties mama!!!!

    8 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2018

    i love ema from kitties mama you rule gurl

  • Jersey Shore Lovers!

    3 members Latest Activity: Jun 7, 2012

    Anyone who LOVES MTV 's Jersey Shore PLEASE join this group! 

  • Stop The Graffiti

    4 members Latest Activity: Jul 15, 2012

    In the past month people have been writing on bathroom walls lots of stuff like cuss words, what they like(Butter,turtles), and lots of plan hi's.…

  • Clawessa Wolf Fanclub

    9 members Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2013

  • Members 12-20!

    19 members Latest Activity: Sep 29, 2012

    Okay. *sigh* I'm not thirteen, but I will be in a few months. This group is dedicated to those in their teenage years! *punches air*


  • Monster High Skateboard League

    5 members Latest Activity: Dec 30, 2012

    For those who have OCs that skateboard and are in the Skateboard League.

  • Vampyres

    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 28, 2012

    Okay! So i have been looking around the site, and am quite frankly disappointed with the fake-ness of the other groups. Now, if your going to make…

  • Werepride

    2 members Latest Activity: May 25, 2012

    All members in favor of being cool and making Clawdeen, Clawd, Or Howleen (if it isn't already) their Favorite monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justinbieber

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 22, 2012

    for girls who love justin bieber

  • American Girl lovers

    13 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2018

    this is for all the girls who love american girl dolls and who have them.

  • Monster High's Disfigure Skating Team

    10 members Latest Activity: Jul 12, 2013 Hey guys and ghouls! If you are flexiably, strong, and love to dance, then you would be a dismember for MH's own Disfigure Skating team!

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