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Felica Fright's Groups (28)

  • Phan Club

    25 members Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2012

    Just a Club for all you Phans out there!!


    Just remember "The Phantom of the Opera is there inside your…

  • 11th Doctor Who Fans!!!

    15 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2013

    If you love Matt Smith as The Epic Doctor!

    Join Today!

    Fezzes and Bow tie's must be worn at all times! Why?because fezzes are…

  • Greek Geeks!!

    22 members Latest Activity: Jan 27, 2014

    Love Greek mythology? Percy Jackson?if so join the club!  

  • Star Wars Nerds!

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2012

    For those of you on this site that know EVERYTHING about Star Wars. And who watch the Clone Wars animated series. If you love Star Wars, then…

  • Petition for a torso for each create a monster

    285 members Latest Activity: Nov 17, 2014

    There are so many parts missing from each kit not just the torso! Its unfair! Join the petition! 

  • Stop the Stupid OC Names!

    33 members Latest Activity: Mar 23, 2014

    I'm seeing a lot of junk in some OCs names. Probably people who are new to MH. Anyway, they put names like, for example, Dracuanna. I mean, it…

  • The Addams Family Lovers

    17 members Latest Activity: Oct 25, 2012

    The title says it all.

  • Disney Trivia

    12 members Latest Activity: Jun 9, 2012 Disney Fans from near and far, come!
    This is Disney Trivia. Here we ask each other Disney Trivia questions, for the fun of it all!…

  • Harry Potter Fansite

    8 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2012

    this is the group for Harry Potter Fans. I am pretty much his #1 fan. If you do not like him then you probably don't want to go in this group. If…

  • Harry Potter stuffs. Yea, you wanna join.

    13 members Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2013

    So, this is a place to talk about harry potter books and movies. Harry Potter discussions, roleplays and such will happen here.

    Come to the…

  • The Unofficial Indiana Jones Fan Club!

    1 member Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2011

    If adventure has a name, it has to be Indiana Jones.   Yes, I'm talking to you, Indy nuts of the Internet.  Some of you know I myself am a HUUUUGE…

  • Book Worms!

    52 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2018 Do you love reading? If you are a book worm,or love to read, this is the group for you! We will discuss different books like a book club. Join now if…

  • My Little Pony

    92 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2014 For all of us Pony nerds! Share your pony!

  • Grammar Police

    68 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2014

    We believe in proper, appropriate grammar. We kill text talk. We rule. We fight for the rights of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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