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  • Grammar Police

    68 members Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2014

    We believe in proper, appropriate grammar. We kill text talk. We rule. We fight for the rights of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Vampire Diaries Lovers

    17 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2013 The spot for all of the TVD lovers to talk about the show and books.

  • MH book club

    69 members Latest Activity: Feb 13, 2014 A great group for those of you who have read the MH series of books. Don't worry we discuss other books besides Monster High so feel free to join. :)

  • Harry Potter Fans

    18 members Latest Activity: Jan 21, 2013 if you love Harry Potter come here :)

  • are you a harajuku girl?!

    11 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2014 for people who love Gwen Stefani's harajuku girl or lovers line feel free to draw and post pictures in the club

  • team vampire

    32 members Latest Activity: Aug 17, 2012 if you like vampire please join team vampires


    5 members Latest Activity: Sep 7, 2011 For people who hate chain letters. And for people who call the people who send them big farts:)

  • Charlie the Unicorn fans!

    26 members Latest Activity: Jan 11, 2014 Do you love Charlie the unicorn and his buddys? Join! My fave video is the banana song! That little green guy rocks! (and the bananas) I was LOLing…

  • stop stealing pics!

    53 members Latest Activity: Oct 19, 2012

    (the pic next to this message is the 1 that got stolen from me)


    people that are a victim of stolen pics or want to help stop the…

  • Anime Love! ^.^

    31 members Latest Activity: Mar 19, 2014 If you like anime, join! :3
    About anime, but you can just talk about whatever you like as well, just please keep it appropriate! xD

  • We Were All Born This Way!!!

    88 members Latest Activity: Jan 22, 2014 Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Black, White, Mixed Race, Goth, Emo, Preppy, Confident, Shy, Freckles, Moles, Pimples, Plump, Thin, Tall, Short, Buck Teeth,…

  • Japan Lovers

    16 members Latest Activity: Mar 3, 2013

    Join if you love something that has to do with japan! For example : Miku Hatsune !!! ^^

    Monster High Lovers are also welcome!

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