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  • Stop cyber-bullying! (And Other Types Of Bullying)

    117 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2018

    This is for people AGAINST cyber-bullying and cyber-bullys. A lot of people this it is ok because it is online, but it is rude and hurtful, so…

  • Don't Be A Mean Ghoul

    24 members Latest Activity: Jul 12, 2014

    Bulling is not cool,being kind and helpful will make people see you as a hero.Being a bully will make people think your a crimanal.Don't be that…

  • Keep More Dolls on Shelves!

    620 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2017

    We are the members of MHD against scalpers! Join us if you believe only 2 of each doll per person to own and not sell (customizers may have more…

  • Once Upon A Time LOVERS

    14 members Latest Activity: Jun 26, 2014

    Join if you like the 1st and 2nd seasons of Once Upon A Time!

  • Frankenweenie Luverz X3

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 19, 2013

    I have seen every single Tim Burton stop motion film! I am a huge fan of his work. I even watch A Nightmare Before Christmas when I was 5 and I…

  • Coraline Fans

    17 members Latest Activity: Feb 9, 2016

    Coraline, the girl who went to the other world. We all know the movie and book, don't we? Well this is the group for you! You can start RPs, write…

  • The Hunger Games LOVERS!

    16 members Latest Activity: Jan 22, 2013

    Join if you love the Hunger Games.

    Who's your favorite character?

    Which book was better?

  • Alice in Wonderland Fans

    12 members Latest Activity: Jul 5, 2016 fall down the rabbit hole, you go through the door...bla bla bla. You know the story! you can do whatever you…

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