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It's the antagonistic killer in a Scary Movie which strikes fear into the hearts of many. They are all different, some not as scary as others due to (well, just not being scary. Like....Jaws...) or personal preference. Which one scares you the most?


My Favorite: Freddy Kruger.

I mean, he stalks your dreams, looks like a pepperoni pizza gone horribly wrong, know...killed children before he died! Plus the fact that he appears in  the bathtub and sticks his tongue out of a phone and...erm..yeah. Not only is he totally a scary killer and whatnot, but he violates personal boundries tht go out if line of the usual horror film! I mean, you don't see Jason doing that! Jason doesn't lick his victims...or lurk in their bathtubs....Freddy's also funny, which makes him scarier. Plus, just his plain scariness factor. We all need to sleep, it's required. So trying to say up forever is impossible, and he just waits 'till your sound asleep and sucks you into the bed and blood goes *WHOOSH* all over the place.

He and Pennywise would make an awesome team....just saying.



So, How about you?

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