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Electra groaned, and left detention. She had been forced to stay there even when the teacher wasn't there. It wasn't her fault her smoothie blew up on Headmistress Bloodgod!  She walked toward the door, and turned the knob. It wouldn't move. She tried kicking down the door, picking the lock, and anything else imaginable. Nothing. She heard footsteps, and saw that ghosts inhabited Monster High at inght. She was stuck at Monster High overnight, with the ghosts...


Here we're all locked in the school, and are forced to stay there overnight. ^_^


You know the rules, go ahead and start!

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Tamayuki was one of those spirits who loves messing around with people, and tried to get out of detention for leaving her history back home and said "Why won't you open?" to the door. "I'm a spirit not a ghost if you are all wondering." she said as she climbed on to a desk.

Jessie smirked. "I think I still am.  Was that supposed to hurt?"* she then looked over at the door,"Oh, great! NOW what did you do?!" 



((*The only reason that didn't hurt is because she has hooves and hates them, so she stuffs her boots to be able to wear them properly.  It's one of her closely guarded secrets.))


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