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Electra groaned, and left detention. She had been forced to stay there even when the teacher wasn't there. It wasn't her fault her smoothie blew up on Headmistress Bloodgod!  She walked toward the door, and turned the knob. It wouldn't move. She tried kicking down the door, picking the lock, and anything else imaginable. Nothing. She heard footsteps, and saw that ghosts inhabited Monster High at inght. She was stuck at Monster High overnight, with the ghosts...


Here we're all locked in the school, and are forced to stay there overnight. ^_^


You know the rules, go ahead and start!

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Electra tried pulling, pushing, and even hitting. "It's no use! We're locked in here! With... that!" She pointed to a ghost, that was creepily staring at them.
Armena was in detention, probably because she got ticked at one of the fear leaders and got into a fight. "That's great. And you..." She points at the ghost. "Scram."
The ghost ran away, but soon after many more appeared. "Urgh!" Electra yelled, pulling on the doorknob. She fell backwards and accidentally pulled the knob off. "...Oops..."
"Well, why are we all standing around?" Armena asked, getting up from her seat.
"You guys think we can get out that easily? Monster High is really well protected, it has an one way invisible wall. You can come in, but not out. So looks like you're stuck with us Nikki..."

Alexis was here, since she accidentally blew up a toilet.

"I know! I could, uh, self-destruct, taking a part of the wall with me, then we can, uh, escape!"

Jessie ((Leeds)) was stuck in detention for a little prank she was quite proud of that she played on the fearleaders this afternoon.  She strolled on over to the door,"Guys, chillax.  It's nothing we-or maybe I should say 'I'-can't handle.  We'll be perfectly fine."

"Well, I can handle anything Hel's Realm ((from Norse mythology)) can throw at me." Armena said, "What about windows?"

"That's a great question. What in the world were you doing in the air vents?" Jessie asked accusingly. 
"It'd like to know that too." Armena said, eyeing the ghosts around the room.
"Let's just, uh, break open a window!"

"But I don't think we want to be held responsible for destruction of school property." Armena told her. Silence, silence, then. "Ah, what the heck. Who wants to go first?"


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