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This rolelplay, we're all at the dance. :3 

You know the rules, if not check the front page of the group.

I'll be Electra... 

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(I'll be Atlanta Wave, is that okay?)


Atlanta walked up to them. "Hey guys! Whats up?" she asked.

Felica waved back and said,"Hey! Not much is up with me, how about you?"

(I'm Amber Vondergeist, as always.)


Amber floated around the dance floor, having just shaken Spectra off of her. Amber had taken her phone and forbidden her from bothering anyone or spreading any gossip.

"Gosh, she is such a thorn in my side." Amber giggled slightly as Gaia Natura (another of my OC's) walked up.

"Yeah, I can't believe how many loopholes she can find."

"Ooh, I have to run! See you later, Amber!"

"See ya!"

Alone once more, Amber drifted off in search of her friends.


Someone was calling her name. Amber turned, and gasped as she saw who it was.

((I'll be a few people.  Just Jake for now.  But more later maybe.))


Jake Springald Heels didn't have a date, which suited him well enough as it left him free to dance the night away with whoever he chose too, at the moment it was a praticularly beguiling little mermaid, who wasn't quite used to having feet, and as a result kept stepping on his.  This song would be over soon wouldn't it?  He'd twirl her whenever the music demanded and she'd giggle delightedly.  

The song drew to a close.  Internally Jake breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Would you care to dance again?"  She asked, voice perfect and musical.  

Jake shook his head.  "Sorry love, three is my limit for any one lady this evening.  Besides, I'd be doing my fellow men a great disservice to keep you all to myself tonight."  He said flashing a charming smile.  "However should we meet once more at a later point, I would be happy to escort you around the dance floor again."  He doffed his top hat to her before making his way over to the refreshment table.  To find some punch and give his now aching toes a break.

Felica noticed Jake make his way towards the punch table she was hanging out and she waved him over while beaming and said, delightedly,"Well, look who showed up! And how are you on this fine evening?"
"Aside from my feet I'm quite well."  Jake said between sips of punch.  "Yourself?"  Jake asked.
"I'm not too shabby.  And, surpirsingly, I am not too battered up because I have not been dancing.  You know how little rhythm is in my body," Felica said.
Jake chuckled.  "Blatant lies, anyone can dance provided they have the correct partner." 
Felica frowned,"I'm the exception. I have two left feet, no rhythm, and spastic limbs."

(Im going to be Oak Branch)

Oak walked in, a little late because her sister had gotten sick. "Hello!" She called out with a huge smile.


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