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This rolelplay, we're all at the dance. :3 

You know the rules, if not check the front page of the group.

I'll be Electra... 

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I'm in.  I think I'll multi task and be Felica and Daria. She's underused.

I'll be Alexis.
"This punch is grosss....." Electra frowned, spitting out the bloody looking punch.
"I agree," Alexis said nodding. "And this music is terrible. I hate Justin Biter."
Felica walked up to the punch table,"Hey guys. Well, at least it's not Rebecca Hack.  Now THAT is bad music."
Alexis nodded. "Yeah."
Felica shook her head,"I mean really, if I hear Frightday one more time, I might just go insane!"
"Frightday is a disgrace to rap music, if you could even call it rap," Alexis nodded once more. "But it's the best torture plan."
Felica laughed,"Ha! That is a great way to torture someone! Or having to watch someone burn Hairy Pawter mech and books," Felica shuddered.  She noticed Breanna,"Hey, there you are! And me, I don't like her.  Now get your groove on!" 
"I'll go and get my guitar!" Alexis suggested. "Or maybe my ukelele, or maybe I might be able to get an electronic piano. Do any of you like Howl City?"
Felica shrugged,"I honestly haven't heard of it. But it sounds epic."
"I can play a couple of Howl City songs, if you want," Alex offered. She left the dance and twenty seconds later, she had a electric piano in her hand and a couple pages of sheet music.


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