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I buy these dolls after the massive search to find them, once I finally get the doll it drives me crazy!  I am frustrated that I bought the kit for the 3 eyed doll thinking that I could attach it to a regular monster high because...not only is it missing a torso and other attachments to attach it to, there are not any obvious signs that the $31.00 kit has to be purchased first....!!!  I am so frustrated, since the dolls and accessories are so hard to find and buy I am about to opt out of buying these dolls.

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I bought a doll but I still haven't taken it out of the box yet

it is seriously twisted, they NEEEED to sell the torsos. I always study what I buy, saw I bought the starter kit, and even knowing it only had 1 torso, i almost didn't buy it. 

in england the starter packs are 17 pound

im in scotland and theyre 20 pounds in argos :-O

just yesterday my CAM vampire broke. after that, i called my friend and told her about it only to find out that her sister's CAM vampire broke,too. that is exactly why i'm replying to this discussion. when pictures were released it sounded like such a i genius idea. so naturally, people rushed to the store to get them. today, looking back on that experience while staring at my broken doll, i wonder why the idea sounded so great.

I know what you mean about the borken parts!! It's like Mettle WANTS them the break so ppl can go out and buy MORE starters and Cam packs for the extra arms and legs alone!! It's ridiculous!

I doubt that is true. Mattel has been nothing but proffessional in my experiance. Any time something is wrong with my product, I call them. They will make it right. Your items have a warrenty on them. So take advantage of it. I have a lot of M.H stuff, so I have called them about 4 times, each time they were very willing to make things right at no cost to me.

Just got my Skeleton add on kit and after reading that piece are breaking I'm a bit concerned. What exactly broke on yours? I think I nearly snapped the hands trying to attached them to the arms. And the hair is so horrible, it doesn't sit flat so I've had to spray it with hairspray and then brush it down and tie an elastic band around her neck to make the hair stay flat.
But other wise I've had no problem.
Only issue was the torso not being included but you can find them on ebay, some are ridiculously priced but you just have to be patient and keep looking.  


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