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"No way!" Lena Giff exclaimed.She couldnt believe her eyes.There-right in front of her- was the thing she'd been trying to find for over six mounths.She was so suprised, she thought she might be imaining the small gray box sitting on the dusty shelf. "Abbey!Abbey!Abbey right over here!"Lena called.She waved her best friend toward the dark cornor of the store.

On the other side of the thirft shop, Abigail Starlings micro-braided curls appeared above the edge of an enormous basket of neck ties.She'd been rummaging through, looking for a few that would make good headbands.And from the look of it, she'd struck gold.She had several silk ties draped around her neck and clutching 2 more paisey-patterned strips in her hand.

"What's up?" Abby called back.Dropping the ties, she bagen to pick her way through the cluttered store to see what treasure Lena had found.Abby was an expert thrifter and could practically smell a good find.



                            end of part 1

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