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You decide Best Pony from MLP: FIM! :) Have fun.

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Fav Princess: Luna
Fav Mane 6: Rainbow Dash
Second Fav Main 6: Rarity
Third Fav Main 6: Pinkie Pie
Fav CMC: Scootaloo
Fav Background Pony: Derpy Hooves
Fav Antagonist: Trixie Lulamoon
Fav Villian: DISCORD!!!!!

1. rainbow dash 2. raridy 3. pinkie pie

Yeah!!!!! Same ponies!!!!! Friend request!!!!!

1. Rainbow Dash

2. AppleJack

3. Pinkie Pie

Well my favorite princess is Luna
My favorite main six is Rarity
My favorite background pony is Derpy
My favorite cmc is scottaloo
My favorite background brony is Dr.Hoves
My favorite villain is Discord


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