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well ive been practiceing but

im feeling the same thing the problem with me though is that i am not just one thing im many. Me and my friend did some tests and well im pretty amazing but it comes with a price here this is what the tests have come up with:

~i can well tell the future well it comes in my dreams

~Telepathy:i can read peoples mind

~I can see what people are feeling on the outside, like a glowing circle ring thing around them that is colored a personality.

~But this is the weird one I went to the pool yesterday and i stayed underwater 5 minutes so my mom freaked out because she thought i was drowning but i was not, and when i was in there i made the water well stand on its own like i was controlling it! Sadly we had to leave the pool right after that because my mom saw i was getting this scaley rash. Then when i was in the car i spilled my water bottle on my hand and BOOP fins so i hid them but they went away.

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