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Even if I don't know what kind of monster I am, I am one. A giant red bite on my neck last summer, sharp canine teeth that can cut any meat.  They did actually get sharper after that bite. I don't know if I'm a vampire or werewolf, but my hair does grow thick and fast. What kind of monster do you think I am?

I'm going to start a list of "monstrous" things about me. I will add to it as I notice more thins. btw, theese are all real features of me.


-Thick, fast growing hair

-really sharp teeth

-pale skin

-Giant red bite last summer.

-large feet at a young age

-large stature

-love the night

-Always beleived in "mythical" creatures

-strange body shape

-slightly better hearing than most people

-often feeling cold

-slightly pointed ears


And also  a list of mh haracters I share traits with.

Jackson/Holt: duel personality and all of Jackson's human features

Frankie: large stature

Abbey:(bigfoot part) large feet, (snowman part) often cold

Clawdeen/clawd: thick, fast growing hair, sharp front teeth, slightly better hearing

Draculaura: love the night, pale skin, sharp "fangs", giant bite, often cold, pointed ears

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Thank you fro your support, though I'm not sure I'm a werepire.

Rhiannon Sunshine Opperman said:


No, that's not it. I would look more like a human if I was a shape shifter. And I would have a hair color you can put a name on.
Lukabumpbe said:

Your a shape shifter.

I already know I'm a hybrid. My heritage is from all over the world. So you may be right.


 Vampri (True Monster(Not Cannon) said:

Maybe your just a Hybrid, you may never find out who you truley are.

I know what u mean. Same thing happened to me at age 7. Im scared!
I have no idea what you are! Maybe a combo of every monster!

If we are the same, then we were probably bitten by the same monster.


 Melody Memase said:

I know what u mean. Same thing happened to me at age 7. Im scared!


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