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Warning: Names will be changed for safety. Also, since this needs to be accurate on all other accounts, this will be a mature story. Violence and foul language ahoy. Anyway, let's get started:

Chapter 1:

The Becoming.

Mercurio sighed, as he stomped out the cigarette he was smoking at the time. Leaning against several crates, he tried his very best to look casual in order to mask just what was in said crates: Guns. Lots of them. Most of them illegal in the State of New York. Mercurio scolded himself internally for his nerves. He shouldn't be this uppity. He'd done this before. He'd done this with more dangerous equipment. But then again, he did just come back from a five year stint in Attica and he had NO intention of going back there.

'Then why....' He started to ask himself. 'Are you back to gun smuggling in the first place?' But he already knew the answer. He didn't have any other choice. It was this or starvation.

His musings were cut short as he heard footsteps as two men approached him. His customers.

"Hey, Mercurio. Fancy seeing you back on the streets so soon." One of them said, as the three of them exchanged handshakes.

"What can I say? I can get anything anyone wants at anytime. That also goes for prison wardens. I made some dealings and BAM, got out on good behavior." Mercurio explained, grinning.
"Good to hear." One of the man said. "Anyways, what did you get for us today?" He asked. Mercurio simply opened a crate and got out one of the machine guns. "That's amazing, how did you get those?"
"Got a Vegas Connection." Mercurio said, he wanted to get into detail, however, they could hear a car pull up in front of the warehouse they were in. An unannounced car. Almost immediately, all three men were on edge.

"The fuck?" One of them said, before turning his eyes on Mercurio. Mercurio swore he could see a strange glint in his eyes, before he got more worried about the gun now pointed at him. "You set us up, you snitch." The man hissed.

"W-what? NO!" Mercurio said, backing away, going for his own gun. However, before he could even grab it, a loud bang, together with a fierce pain in his abdomen stopped him dead in his tracks. He was shot.... the bastard shot him. With his own gun, no less.

"Goddamn snitch." The man hissed, before emptying the clip in Mercurio who slid down against a back wall. He could only guess the two bolted as he laid there, blood seeping from the multiple gunshot wounds in his torso. He was dying. Just a week out of prison and he was dying. Just his goddamn luck....

"Merde." This curse pulled him out of his daze somewhat as he saw a slender form approach him. "Trigger happy Kine....Now I have to hurry" The slender form said, kneeling next to him, raising Mercurio's chin to make him look into two blue eyes. "You want to live? No matter what the price? No matter if it means your very soul will be mine?" Alright, this was just plain weird. Still, the promise of life, despite his current state? Fair enough, even tough it probably was his brain shorting out. Weakly, he nodded. "Good." The form said, before letting him go and offering him.... a slit wrist? Weird. Weirder was that it was pressed against his mouth. "Drink." The form commanded, and Mercurio couldn't help but obey, sipping the blood from the small wound.

All of a sudden there was a wave of strength that shuddered trough Mercurio. He went from feeling like, well dying, to feeling like the best he ever did in his life. As if he was sipping on pure power. The pain of his wounds faded and there were just plain bliss....

It stopped as soon as it started. However, as Mercurio came to his senses, he noticed something: his wounds, they were all healed. Looking up, he could now see the form that had apperantly saved him. Pale face, sandy blonde hair, cold blue eyes and a neatly pressed black suit. Obviously some sort of business man or Politician. However, right now, this man was an Angel in Mercurio's eyes.

"Who... are you? How did....?" He asked. The man just sighed, gesturing him to get up. Mercurio immediately obeyed.

"I will explain later. Now follow me, we have to leave, right now." The man said, as Mercurio followed, confused, the words echoing in his head.

'You want to live? No matter what the price? No matter if it means your very soul will be mine?'

What did he rope himself into?

Chapter 2:
No Angel

The limousine drove to the New York night, Mercurio sitting opposite of his blond savior, still taking in what just happened, trying to cope.

It didn't help that his savior apperantly had a partner. A fucking terrifying partner. Skin like brown leather, eyes red. Entirely red, no white, no black. Only red. Claws.... and so big that he reached the ceiling of the car. This... this wasn't a man, this was a monster.

After what seemed like a few hours to him, he decided to man up and speak up.

"So....." Mercurio started.

"You're obviously wondering what's going on." The man told him.

"Would be nice... yes.... I mean; what happened to me? The one minute I was on the floor, bleeding to death, the next I'm fine? Just by drinking your blood?"

"Ah yes, that. Such is the power of Vampire Blood. It can heal even the worst injuries when ingested."
"V-vampire....?" Mercurio said, voice faltering. This amused his savior as he chuckled, exposing fangs. "Jesus..."
"Far from it, I'm afraid. However, at this point, there is a more important effect that Vampire Blood has. Namely that it binds the fed person to the vampire feeding him. You are now bound to me."
"Indeed. You are now my Ghoul. For as long as I feed you, you will be mine, body and soul." This... this was a lot to take in, and this man seemed to realise as he paused, allowing Mercurio to figure out how to think about this. This meant he was basically a slave to this man. This, this should piss him off. He was no man's slave. He was his own boss! However, looking at the man, he could only feel admiration. Respect. Love. Was this what the man meant with Mercurio's soul being his? Had to be.

"Why me?" Mercurio decided to ask.

"You have talents that might be of use to me."

"And who are you?"
"Ah, of course, my apologies. My name is Sebastian LaCroix."

"And.... who's that?" Mercurio asked, pointing at the massive occupant next to LaCroix.

"He's called the Sheriff. That is all you need to know." LaCroix answered him.

"And there's no way out of this, isn't there?" Mercurio finally asked, eyes downcast, slowly accepting the situation.

"I'm afraid not. However, I'm quite a prominent figure in Vampire society, so being my servant will probably be quite beneficial." LaCroix told him. "In any case, welcome, Mercurio, to the World of Darkness."

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That was... odd. And I'm glad dad isn't around, looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing(like when I'm messaging my cousin and I say, "Do you understand the concept of 'Private Messaging'?").

Huh, that's a first. I didn't really think it was odd. How so? Just a regular question.

And I DID give a warning for mature content. 

And I'm mature(but dad wasn't around).

'Kay, just clearing that up. While I wanted to share the story, I was a bit insecure on wether or not it was a good idea since there are quite a lot of minors around here.

Second Chapter's up! Happy reading!

I'm writing a book(it's a childrens book), but I need inspiration.

It IS a paranormal book. It's called "Izzie Malone". She's a witch, like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, only she's an American witch.

Guys, could you please discuss this somewhere else? Every time I'm like 'Yay! Somene said something to me about my work!' and then it's not. Sorry if that sounded selfish.


This. Is. Epic. *claps* Yes, I realize im not in an age that you would call mature, But I am mature :P


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