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My girls have a lot of the dolls, but until now there hasn't been a dollhouse available, and frankly I'm not impressed with the one that is now in stores. So, having seen several customs on ebay and being rather crafty myself, I set out to make one of my own. So I started trolling the thrift stores in my area, and posting on craigslist looking for an old barbie house to fix up. I now have THREE, because I kept finding one better than the next. One is the High School from High School Musical. That one we will save for later and make into Monster High. The first one I found, I think I will make a house for Cupid out of. The last one is by far the best one that I found for the money. It's an original Barbie Victorian Mansion. The only thing missing is the doors and really those aren't required. One less thing to have to deal with during play. Here are some pictures of the work in progress. I stil.l have to touch up the overspray, and do some detail work by hand. Then there is the furniture I plan to make. They are going to go nuts! The roof is a dark Draculaura pink, and the rest is a glittery finish black. I taped up the softer pink to keep, because I thought it would go well with the darker pink and pop against the black.The built in appliances and shelves I had to tape up. I have to go buy more black to do the bathtub with, it's the bathroom sink cabinet, it folds down. It's taped waiting for a coat of paint. I'll tape off the rest after it's dry and do the touch ups and finishing coats. More photos to follow!





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