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     When will the Monster High 3: When There's a Wolf, There's a Way, come out? Well, it said on the back of The Ghoul Next Door that it will come out 2011 Fall. Where can we get more information? Well...

     Okay, so my friend said that his bus driver reads Monster High. (A lot of people do...) And, he says that his bus driver says that Frankie Stein dies in either the second book or the third. It can't be the second, it could be the third. There could be a mistake. Maybe the bus driver didn't finish the second book and was just on the part where Billy sneaks into Frankie's house.

     I don't know if that is true but many of you are disagreeing with this saying "Frankie can't die! She's the main character!" Well, I want to say something to those people: Frankie Stein CAN die. It doesn't matter if she's one of the main characters. If she dies, then it will be the end of book series. There is no proof that there will be a certain number of books. But the book series must end eventually. There is a question that must be answered in the last book (We don't know what the last book will be) : Do they get freedom, and how? 

     And....I know this sound kind of creepy but....I made a parody. About...Her death...(If she dies.) 

    Called: Hey There Firecracker. Parody of Hey There Diliah by The Plain White Tees. It's song from DJ's point of view. (Even though they broke up in the second book! Sorry for spoilers. I'm sure DJ would be sad if his ex-girlfriend died though...Wouldn't you?) Lyrics:


     Hey there Firecracker, what's it like up in Heaven?

     I'm a thousand miles away, 

     But girl, tonight you looked so pretty, yes you did.

     A light socket couldn't spark as bright as you, I swear it's true...


     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     What you did to me...


     Hey there Firecracker, I know times were getting hard

     But believe my girl, someday I would've payed the bills with this guitar,

    We would of had it good, we would of had the life we knew we would

    My word was good


    Hey there Firecracker, I had so much left to say

    If every simple song I wrote to you, 

    Would of taken your breath away, I would of written it all.

    Even more in love you you'd fall, we'd have it all.


     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     What you did to me...


     A few years seems pretty far

     But they have potions, resurrection, and love

     I'd crawl to you if I had no other way

     Our friends would all make fun of us,

     But we just laugh along because 

     We know they've never felt this way before


     Firecracker i will promise you, 

     That by the time that we get through this, 

     Freedom will have a whole new different name,

     And your to blame


     Hey there Firecracker,

     You be good and don't you miss me,

     Two more years and I'll be up there,

     And you'll be making history, like you do.

     This one's to you.


     It's all because of you, 

     We'll be able to do whatever we want to,

     Hey there Firecracker, here's to you,

     This one's to you...


     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     Oh, its what you did to me.

     What you did to me...



     Okay, that song is MINE. Please, don't steal Hey There Firecracker. It can also be Hey There Frankie Stein if you switch up the lyrics a bit. But, that song is (c) of me! (I wish I really could copyright it...) 

     Yeah, I'm kind of creepy that I actually made that song...And no, I didn't switch up all the lyrics. I've been thinking of this song for a while, even though its creepy.




    PS: I don't want any mean comments about the song. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    PPS: I don't want "Frankie's parents would just put her back together...." Because, I know this sounds sick but, what if they didn't WANT to do that? I mean, Frankie exposed the RADs...











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i like the song!


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