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Found by Minda:

Make a doll couch out of a tissue box:

More make-your-own furniture:

Ok, so my daughter just got the walmart valentine swag from her godparents -- and the lenticular valentines are just TOO COOL to do anything with but keep. We were trying to figure out what to do and here's what we came up with:

sheet 1: we ghetto-laminated it (i.e. coated with clear packing tape) across the back, cut it into three tall sections of 3 valentines each and made bookmarks!

sheet 2: I'm getting a pack of magnet paper when I run errands next, and we're turning them into a set of fridge magnets.

sheet 3: well, we didn't have any other ideas. lol. She decided to keep it intact with all her diaries and box backs (she has saved all of them, except basic frankie which accidentally got recycled -- oops)

Ooh. Good ideas! I haven't seen the lenticular ones yet. I got the mailbox set for B, though. Are they a good size for "framing" and putting on dollhouse walls?

That is a great idea for the book marks.  My daughter admitted to me today she took the lenticular valentines to school and kept them in her backpack, but they got stolen.  :-\  Before she told me that, I was just at WM today, looking at the valentines, and thinking how I didn't see the MH ones anymore. 

Aw, your poor daughter!! There is nothing worse. I hope you can find some more!!

Minda - they would make perfect "portraits" I think. They're about 1-3/4" wide and 2-1/2" tall.

Let me just say that it just makes me sad that kids would steal from each other. I know it happened when I was a kid and it's nothing new. It's just a total bummer.

The valentines are a nice size for dollhouse walls. I used a few of them on my daughters remodeled house. I love the bookmark idea! If I can find another box of the valentines, I think I'll have my daughter make the bookmarks for her MH lovin friends for V Day. Hoping Walmart will get more in because the store closest to my house was sold out the last time I was there.
Thats terrible about the stolen valentines! I hope you can find another box for her!

Magnet update -- we made them yesterday and they're fantastic! I got some avery magnetic sheets that you can run through an inkjet printer, we spread glue on the back of the uncut sheet of valentines, put them on the magnet sheet and left them under a pile of books for a while. Cut them apart and ta-da! 9 cool new magnets on our fridge!

HOWEVER -- I would highly recommend spreading the glue on the magnet sheet and laying the valentines (or whatever other cool thing you're using) on that, there was a little bit of glue that ran under the valentines and smeared on the front. You can't actually see it but I know it's The MH magnet possibilities are endless!

Everytime I get a MH doll, I cut out all the pictures on the box. I turn them into framed pictures to use for custom rooms (or whatever) or use the cut outs of the dolls as paper dolls for my little one. She also likes having 'framed' pictures of the MH crew. You can glue them to construction paper and make cards or 'wallpaper' for shoe box rooms, etc.

I've finally completed three rooms in my MH house project. Just three more to go! :) I used a couple of inexpensive bookcases from Target, photos I printed out, and cardstock. It's not perfect, but my daughter and her friends seem to love it. :) Now i'm trying to decide what to do in the remaining three rooms. My daughter requested a room for Frankie and I was thinking about making a floor level shelf into a garage...I'll try to post pics but haven't done it before on this site so we'll see if I figure it out. Lol
And one more pic I forgot to add. :)


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