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i have seen dolls at walmart,target,toysrus,claires,justice,kmart,and at amazon and ebay

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I found Toralei on for a decent price:!/new-monster-high-toralei-stripe-dol... $30.99 w/free shipping

I also found Abby, but she's a bit pricey @ $49.99 w/free shipping:!/new-monster-high-abbey-bominable-do...

Ditto for Jackson ($41.99) & Rochelle ($49.99) on the same site. If you search for "Monster High" there's quite a few dolls that come up. Some good prices, some not so good. 

There's tons of Black & White Frankies on (and various other dolls)

If you're talking about strictly physical stores, but not online: The ones you said above, but also Walgreens and Rite Aid. I know that's random, but I always check. Mostly they're just the SS, or GB dolls.


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