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Here is where you can post offers or request for dolls! Help fellow Monster Hunters find specific items for them while you're out shopping.

I'd like people to post here who are willing to find/sell dolls for retail + shipping! Also this is the place to request specific dolls that you are looking for.

As I'm sure you all are I'm tired of scalpers and their prices! I think a good way to combat scalpers is to help fellow collectors out so no one feels like their only option is buying from a scalper!

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I can help people find dolls! If anybody is specifically looking for something note me or reply on here and I'll keep an eye out while I'm out shopping. I have Paypal, positive feedback from a trade on here and 100% feedback on my Ebay :)

I'm looking for a the Howleen/Clawdeen sisters pack. No Target within 50 miles has one. :(

I'm more than willing to help people find and get dolls.  I truly enjoy the searching for the good deal and knowing which stores have what.  It's fun for me. 


Right now, in my local stores, Most of the 1600 group is available.  My local target has the gloom beach set available and my Toys 'r Us has the cat sisters available...unfortunately, the dark haired sister's face is damaged in all of the packages so I didn't get it.


I'm very proud though, I found the Abbey Bomimable doll packaged with Shiver at my local target for only $20.  I, of course, grabbed her as I'd been looking for her since I started collecting.

I lucked out this weekend.


I got a Robecca Steam on Friday at Walmart in Mesquite, TX

I got a Scary Tales Clawdeen on Saturday at Target in Mesquite, TX


I got a Venus McFlytrap today, Sunday, at Walmart in Mesquite, TX

I found the CAM lab on clearence at Target.  I picked up and extra if anyone is in need


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