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Big Lots has a few things out right now, if you have one in your area. I <3 Shoes, Scaris, the Scooter and Draculaura's Vanity (both with *out* the doll though), the carrying case, and a few other goodies.

The Dollar Store has some 100-piece MH puzzles, as well as the "panini" photo cards. Yep, I had to pick these up...

Toys R Us has had Ghouls Rule on sale for $10 each. By the time I got to my local store there was not much left but there were a few Frankie and maybe 1 Draculaura.

Wal Mart did have Scaris on sale for around the same but sadly it may be over by now. I need to check in and see.

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Wow, sounds like I need to get out and check in another Big Lots up the road to see what's in there.

Well I didn't find any dead tired line, but I did find the slip to get FREEBIES if you buy $20 or more at Big Lots from 10/30 to 11/27!  Well, you have to pay $5 for shipping and processing. But hey! Mummy/Gorgon, Ice/Blob, or Werewolf/Dragon.  (They choose and send you one)


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