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Stella Spooks 

Daughter of the Ghost Pirates

Age: I will always be 16

Killer Style: Dark colorz make a happy (ya right) me.

Freaky Flaw: A ghost has no flaws.

Pet: Uhhhhhhh. Do I need one?

Pet Peeve: Anyone who isn't my boyfriend is a huge pain. 

Favorite Activity: A ghost's fave past-time. Haunting and moaning.

Favorite Subject: Uhhhh. None. Hate 'em all.

Least Favorite Subject: ALL OF THEM! 

Favorite Color: Dark gothic colors.

Favorite Food: Ghosts can't eat dummy.

BFFs: My boyfriend. (To be created l8r)

 thats all i got so far 

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I never would if thought of that cool charecter
This is my monster high girl


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