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What first attracted you to the Monster High line?


What has made you stay with it?


Is it you favorite now?


Do you have a favorite character(s)?


What do you like about  her / him / them?


Do you collect anything else?  Any other doll(s)? Action figures or the like?


Feel free to answer all or one or two if you want.

 Add questions you wish to ask if you like.


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For me

What first attracted you to the Monster High line?

 The monster aspect, the overall look of the dolls. No stupid looking toothy grins. Draculaura first caught my eye.

What has made you stay with it?

 I've liked the style they have. They have an edge that seems lacking in other doll lines these days. They are also cute.

Is it you favorite now?

 Right now I'd say yes

Do you have a favorite character(s)?

 I wanted Draculaura first, but I love Clawdeens clothes. I want to see where they go with Spectra I love her first doll. This is also the first line that I'm really excited about the male dolls. I love Ghoulias character.

What do you like about her / him / them?

 Draculaura her being vampire. (Vampires are a favorite) Spectra clothes and hair Purple and Magenta are favorite colors. Clawdeens clothes have been really cool.

Do you collect anything else? Any other doll(s)? Action figures or the like?

I used to not much now. MotU Classics but I'm sort of cooling on that now. I like The ThunderCats new and Classics line. 

Feel free to answer all or one or two if you want.

Add questions you wish to ask if you like.


What first attracted me to Monster High was that my delightfully crazy boyfriend was a collector and a fan. My daughter soon followed suit.


I have stayed with it because though I have no desire to I couldn't stop them if I tried.


I have some objections to them releasing the Draculaura in a pack with two previously released dolls, though it hasn't ruined it completely for me I hope they don't make a habit of it.


My favorite characters are Deuce and Ghoulia though Spectra is pretty cool as well.


I enjoy what the look and the outfit of Deuce, and I love the character of Ghoulia looks and all the cartoon webisodes of her crack me up. Spectra's outfit is amazing!


Do you collect anything else? I collect weird things like rocks and inexpensive jewelry and if I had the cash I would have a never ending amount of clothes and shoes!

The dolls original caught my eye my solely because they were so unique in the the toy market and that the simple fact is that you couldn't keep them in stock to serve the customers that kept buying them up.  My inner child that likes to collect things said I just had to have it. 

My current favorite characters/dolls are Lagoona Blue-Wave 2 and Spectra Vondergeist... simply because I feel like they are the most photogenic which has nothing to do with the Web series but simply my preference of which dolls I like to photograph most. :-)


I'm really liking Operetta, besides looking really cool I love her character on the webisodes.

 I love her accent. She is firey little thing.


I've always been a big toy collector and one day while shopping in Toys'R Us I saw the first wave of Monster High Dolls. I thought they were so cool but I avoided the temptation to buy any of them. I work for Walmart and one day I was walking down one of the toy aisles and Spectra Vondergeist caught my eye LOL I loved her look and I couldn't resist so I bought her. I told myself that she was going to be the only one I was going to buy.... but then came the Black Friday sale where we had the wave 1 dolls for just 10 bucks each.... I bought them all. And from then I was hooked! Though I have tried to stick to just buying the basic dolls with pets/diaries I occasionally give in and buy another that really gets my attention (like Clawd from the Sweet 1600 line).

My favorite character... It's hard to choose just one but if I had to narrow it down I'd have to say that Lagoona, Abby, Clawd and Cupid would be my favorites. Lagoona is just awesome with webbed fingers, gorgeous hair and Aussie accent!, Abby is really pretty with her sparkling skin and silky hair paired with her harsh accent and straight to the point views lol. Clawd is just so funny to me, he's an adorable character and I love it when he pants like a dog LOL, And Cupid is just so unique to me and come on she's Cupid... who wouldn't love her?

I use to collect Webkinz, but slowed down on them when I got into Monster High. I also collect X-Men, Batgirl, Supergirl & Walking Dead comics.

I was firstly attracted to Abbey, after getting to know the characters and how different they where to say Barbie, i was hooked.

I love to collect, started off with many things. But as i got that little bit older Barbie started it all, they where going for ricidulous prices. My 7 yr old niece was showing me these dolls and i knew i had found my new obesession :)

My favourite character is Frankie, followed closely by Draculaura, Operetta, Abbey and Lagoona.

After watching the various webisodes and specials, Abbey definatly always manages to make me laugh, HA, I MADE JOKE.

I am also a big D/C and Marvel fan and love Dr.Who. This just allows my creative side to come out.

Have just started to customise a couple of dolls and even going to try my hand a re-rooting (adding new hair) just in case.

Awesome replies guys. Its fun to see the what different people like about the line and the varying intrests they bring.

I like Dr Who too, I dont get to see it as much as I'd like.

Abbeys character on the webisodes made me like her alot more than I did.

What first attracted you to the Monster High line?
I like monsters and thought MH was cute
What has made you stay with it?
I still like monsters and think MH is still cute
Is it you favorite now?
One of my faves and prolly the top one right now outta the 3 things i collect.
Do you have a favorite character(s)?
Yup. I like Frankie and Abbey
What do you like about her / him / them?
I like frankie cuz her character is so new to everything and she is so cute about it. I also think frankie and abbey are two of the cutest dolls with toralei a close 3rd
Do you collect anything else? Any other doll(s)? Action figures or the like?
I also collect old G1 transformers and the Generations line of transformers. And My Little Pony.

What first attracted you to the Monster High line?  I started to buy them for my nieces and found that they were hard to find.  But really enjoyed the way they looked and how creative the dolls are. 


What has made you stay with it?  I think the thrill of the hunt has made me stick with buying them. 


Is it you favorite now?  Its one of the main things I know collect, still collect a lot of other things, but its gets pricey! 


Do you have a favorite character(s)?  I would have to say the guys and ghoulia, just love the way she looks.  


Do you collect anything else?  Any other doll(s)? Action figures or the like? I have been collecting for years, collect a lot of Todd Mcfarlane figures, Buffy the Vampire, Final Fantasy, Nightmare Before Christmas, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel, DC, Legos, a lot of SDCC figures, just to name a few lol.  Before Monster High, i had over 500 figures all in the boxes too.   I have almost all the monster high dolls too, missing a few and find it hard to negotiate with people on here to get them and ebay and online are very expensive, soon I may get them, but need to save up!  

Additional thoughts about this group: 

Think its great other guys collect too, we should support each other and help each get our collections complete!   Who is with me?  Add me as  friend too, here to help! 

I do not necessarily collect Monster High though my boyfriend does, and my daughter plays with them. I still think they are cool but I am not as attentive to them as I originally was, especially since they keep releasing the same dolls in different looks before other dolls have been released, call me a realist, but I do not care to own 4 versions of Draculaura or any of the others (I know my boyfriend would disagree). I would rather own one of each. I did however enjoy the create a monster dolls I would like to see more of those.  



 I am a newbie-Collector :-) I started my collection this year a few days before Valentines Day... I think you know now what my first doll was.. yeah CA Cupid. :-) And since then she is kind of my favorite. I bought her just as valentines Decoration... s I had an excuse to buy her. My inner child was attracted to the dolls the first time I saw them... and now i am mad at myself that i haven`t bought them in that time...Deuce and Clawd all over the supermarkets and now? I am happy that I found 1 Scaris Deuce. For Birthday I got Basic Operetta und Roberta and Venus. And then I bought a picture day Spectra.


For the dolls I love Spectra and Operetta the most... they are really beautiful.. just as Roberta. When I watched the first movie Abbey was the coolest :-) Love her accent and her attitude :-)


I have to admit, at the moment I am a bit obbsesed with the Monsters, but I don`t feel like pay 250$ for a Holt Hyde (wich I really really want)... so maybe there is hope :-)

What first attracted you to the Monster High line?

Monsters+Cute girls=DoublePlusGood

Seriously, I've been seeing the dolls in stores for years now and admiring them, but I really had no one to buy them for. One day I stumbled across a bunch of the DVDs cheap, then in trying to sort out what sort of order to watch them, I spent hours just reading about the characters/franchise online, and found the webisodes... that was what REALLY hooked me, the 2D Flash-animated Mindbrain shorts. So much more personality in the characters compared to the CGI features, which are all right, but I prefer the short, punchy, funny and sometimes surprisingly clever and subversive webisodes. The vocal characterizations are really sharp, and those really sucked me into the world of MH. I'm kind of hooked on the music videos too.

What has made you stay with it?

Just got into the brand a few weeks ago, so I haven't been into long enough to say I've stuck with anything. I'm learning more every day as I read more wiki entries and watch more webisodes (halfway through Volume 4 now) and movies (up to 13 Wishes so far)...

Is it your favorite now?

Right now I'm in the newbie obsessed stage. I have not collected anything yet, really... unless you count the 5 DVDs I bought for less than $4 each at Walmart, and the two comic book "graphic novels" (or short story anthologies, to call them what they are). Just discovering the story and characters, which I love. Books will probably follow.

 Do you have a favorite character(s)?

Frankie and Draculaura are nearly tied as my 2 faves, maybe just a teensy smidge more in Frankie's case. Then Ghoulia, Clawdeen, and Cleo.

 What do you like about  her / him / them?

Well, obviously it's a combination of their looks and personalities. Frankie is always upbeat, helpful, enthusiastic, a good friend, etc. Still waiting for her to find a steady boyfriend... I thought she clicked with Jackson Jekyll, but somehow they just drifted apart. Well, Holt Hyde can be a little tough to take.

Draculaura's such a cutie, I like that's she's a little shortie, she's a total girly-girl, all giggly and bubbly, and totally devoted to her Clawd. I love her accent, it's so cute. I just want to give her a big hug.

Ghoulia's the coolest geek girl, I love her scooter and she's into computers, video games and comic books -- where would the rest of them be without her? She's saved the day so many times I lost count. I wish she didn't act like such a slave to Cleo all the time, though.

I can't believe Clawdeen never dated before Draculaura set her up with her cousin. She seems so self-confident, that surprised me. I kind of hated Cleo at first, especially when she gave Frankie such a hard time about joining the Fear Squad, but now I kind of like her, she's not so bad as I thought after all.

For the guys, in order of my faves: Jackson/Holt, Deuce, Clawd, InvisiBilly.

Did I mention I LOVE the faculty at Monster High? Mr. Rotter, Mr. Hack, Ms. Kindergrubber, Mr. Where, etc. and of couse Headmistress Bloodgood. They are awesome, they add so much to the series.

Do you collect anything else?  Any other doll(s)? Action figures or the like?

That's just the problem. I collect TOO many other things (or used to). Comic books, paperbacks, action figures, toys, DVDs, CDs (you kids probably don't remember when that was a thing). Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the dolls (maybe a little too much) - the character designs, the fashions, even the packaging. But I can't go there, I no longer have the space or the money. I live in a condo and after decades of collecting things, I'm just fresh out of space to start any new collections unless they're super-compact. I'll just have to admire them from afar, or collect jpegs of the dolls. I saw a YouTube video of a girl showing her collection of over 300 MH dolls, and they were all neatly arranged and displayed on bookshelves that took up an entire room in her house; I have that same hoarding urge, so I can't even think about starting. I'll have to confine my MH interest to just looking at the animated and book versions of the characters. I hope that doesn't make me an outcast here.


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