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The girls are headed for a weekend in Hexico, what will they wear?

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oh man... this makes me want to start making clothes!

thats the idea!

LeoDeVile said:

oh man... this makes me want to start making clothes!

I have my outfit done, just need to finish the suitcase made from a pocky box & ducktape. Then I will be ready to photograph it.

Here are my submitions for this month. The dress on Venus is not quite done yet, I can't find my green seed beads. She and Frankie are waiting at the train station. (I have to appologize for not having a proper background set up; I am still situating my photography & work station.) I've been working on that corset top for months, had problems with the closures. Once I figured out the closure for the shirt, I also used it on the shorts.



Nice work Gabby. My suggestion would be less on the thread around Frankie. It detracts from your lovely sewing job. I'd love to see a close-up of that suitcase. It looks so cute!

Until I take the clothes off of her, I will not know how much string I can safely trim off. And I'll get some closer pics of the suitcase for you. (I still need to work on a better closure for it.)

Well the clothes look great! Did you come up with the patterns yourself or get them somewhere? I especially love Venus' halter dress :)

Great job! I love Venus's dress, so cute! I'm working on a corset pattern too, I know this cool website that sells 1/16 sized grommets perfect for mini corsets. If you would like I can send you the web address. I have my mexico dress all sketched out but am finding it hard to find time to stitch it together. We have been having power issues too and that is not helping the sewing issue either. Anyway, great job. :)

I use the draping method, a lot. So I have no patterns. As for Venus' dress, it is really a two-fer, the skirt can be removed & the dress under is a color block tube dress.

All of my sewing is done by hand, so power issues are no problem for me. Plus it gives me something to do during lunch & break at work.

@Gabby Goyle, I love your outfits!

I didn't make any vacation clothes, but I did make a hatbox/suitcase for Rochelle

                                                                                         She's supposed to look like she's flying, btw

Love it! What did you make it out of?


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