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Make up an outfit for Monster High's Spring Dance. It can be formal or semi formal.

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here are my formal and semi formal submissions for spring fling :D


stephanie dilday said:

here are my formal and semi formal submissions for spring fling :D


I doubt I'll have time for a Spring Fling dress myself but here is one I made that's a bit more formal then I would have liked but it is in Etsy here.

Great job guys I'll try to get pics of mine up asap!

Okay, being sick and having problems with the dude's outfit (otherwise the whole jitterbug thing won't work) I have to get the shirt done & finish the jacket. Abbey's outfit is done, but I really need to get the guy done. Hopefully I'll have it done this week (yeah for vacations) and posted by my daughter's b-day.

My vacation is next week, I think

We always take off for the week of our daughter's birth (plus she gets it off for Spring Break), to invest in quality time.

Today's project - Cleaning her room. I helped her all this morning to organize her doll clothes buckets; 1 for BB clothes, 1 for her AG doll, & 1 (almost bursting) MH clothes. I worked on that while she worked on her MH 'house'/shelves across the room.
Queen AD <3 Mituna and Karkat said:

My vacation is next week, I think

Well happy birthday to her then!:)

Okay, I got all the pieces done and photographed. The jacket was supposed to be for the dude (Jackson) however, it would not close unless I stuck it on a ghoule. Here are the pics:




















I also added a wall-flower (or is that a wall-weed) as well.


They came out great! I particularly like the jacket. It looks like something that would actually come with one of the dolls


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