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So Target's been having a big toy clearance and they had the La Dee Da doll outfits for about $2. I'd always been curious if they would fit Monster High so I decided to take a chance and check it out. I got 3 of the outfit since I couldn't decide which one to get and they were so cheap anyway.

The good news is they fit! some of the bits are a little tight but they can be streched, plus they make a good base for altering/diy stuff and that's what we're here for. The shoes are tiny, so those were useless.

I took some pics to show you guys. There are just right out of the package, without me doing anything to them. When/if I do any alterations I'll post them here later.

I took a bunch of pics so I'll do each set separately

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set 1 - the sailor outfit

I should have taken a pic of all the pieces, btut I forgot. Other than the stuff pictured there is also a purse that looks like a life preserver, but I need to fix it up because the way it attaches to the dolls hands would crush their fingers (its a clutch) it also came with some useless pink shoes that are super tiny.

the romper is my fave. it has a lot of detail and looks so retro.

the babydoll dress looks more like a skirt, but she was wearing it as a dress on the back of the box. I had to rig the bow so it would stay but then its dangerously short. Good thing I paint undies on my girls. I might add some straps to it. that way it will stay put and hang lower.

the Rope headband was all wonky and bent out of shape, but it's really cute. I'm going to try dipping it in hot water to reshape it

And here's Blob Girl ( I call her Bobbie) wearing both pieces

Here's the ice girl wearing the headband . Her hair hides the wonkynesss better.

Here's another one of the outfits. This one is a blue dress with a green "fur", a pink purse and some bracelets. The dress is really tight but I think I can stretch it, so it might not need too much customizing.

the shoes are some Winx shoes that I customized and by that I mean I did some creative carving with and xacto knife until they fit.

i like the fur better as a hat

I too got some at the Target sale. I got the blue scrunchie dress and the school dress. I was really hopping the school one would look good on Howleen. Unfortunately the shirt prt looks a little off. I figure I'll separate the two. At least then I'll have a skirt and that's pretty good.

I still have to post pics of the bathing suit one. They all definitely need a little tweaking to fit the girls well, but they're a good strart and the price was right.

Did you get any of the Bratzilla stuff?

Mine only had the cape/hat sets. Not spending money on those.

Yeh, I was looking at those today. I was tempted to get the pink one for the shoes for Draculaura but $3 is too much for just a pair of shoes.


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