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Figured I'd start a thread where folks can post their non-clothing, non-doll mod projects. They won't be full diorammas, just the projects for making the movable parts of a dioramma.

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great idea :) cant wait ti see what everybody comes up with

Okay to start things off, here is the cog-daybed. This is the base.

Some of the details, the clock pillows are hand painted and the picture of Venus shows the effect of the tea staining on the fabric.

omg, I love it!

I have more pieces to take pictures of, will post them soon. RC castoff couch, metalic coffee table, highbacked tufted storage chair, & maybe a pic of the RC dead motor stool are among upcoming deposites here.

cool! cant wait to see them!

I tried to drop these before, but had loading issues. Here they are.

sorry about the blurry pictures, had problems focusing/stablizing the camera while staying out of light source.




Same issue with with camera as above. This piece was made from an R/C back seat from a PT cruiser that my daughter broke when she was 3 (she's 13 now) & some unused wheels for a basher R/C.

I love this idea!

Yeah, I had to find something to do with the bits and pieces that my husband kept breaking in his toys.

you'r off to a good start

Yeah & talking with the guys at his R/C shop I am getting some free supplies in the form of dead R/C engines.

That's really cool hookup. One guy's trash is one doll's new coffee table!

Okay, as some of you might have noticed, I posted some more furniture pieces on the main photo boards. Here is one of the pictures that did not make the cut but is a good detail. Everything in the picture is on a 'glass toped' coffee table I made from the plastic from the doll packages.


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