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Show us what projects you have worked on this summer and tell us a little about what you did.

How challenging was it for you? Did you use a pattern?

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thanks for posting Gabby! I forgot we didn't have one for August. Can't wait to see what everyones made

im doing myfroggystuff's doll tree house. Im painting it now. my froggystuff is awesome

I just saw that tutorial. Looking forward to what you post. (I may try it, but as a circular castle tower instead.)

MLP Rocks! (AGL) said:

im doing myfroggystuff's doll tree house. Im painting it now. my froggystuff is awesome

I finally got some decent pictures of what I have done. I'm even going to throw in some teaser pics from the Oz Project. (I'll write up a blog post on it later.)

Some of the projects are not fully done yet. First up: Ux'io's collapsable room. This is still a work in process - I put a removable door, some stone pillars to cover the rings, a shelf that stretches the span of the room, a floor tile pattern, I even cut a window scene on the wall that has the door attached to it. The stone pillar pieces were kind of difficult to get done they are perminently attached to the walls so I had to do a lot of fiddling to get the fit just right. (Okay, I'm having troubles uploading pics right now, so I will just describe the stuff I did then post the pics later.)

 What I started with.                                               And some little details.



Next: a storage chair for Operetta & a 'glass' topped coffee table. These were made from the reminants of the box I used for Robecca's steambed, plastic from pakaging, & a dead duct tape roll. The backing for the chair is from a trundle bed I had made for a Stacy doll a lo-o-ong time ago. I added the buttons to create the tufting. Just like the steambed, the chair can store stuff inside. The coffee table was kind of a happy acident. I had finished a roll of tape, cut the roll in (almost) half, then played with it to see what could be done with it. I then cut 2 pieces of plastic & taped them with silver ducktape.


Other little stuff I’ve done.  

The long awaited R/C Stool :

yep! I just finished this custom dress set for Catty Noir!


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