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I just made these top patterns. I'm going to add the file as a link because I think it might not come out at the right size otherwise.

Everything is made to be cut just once (except for the straps)

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Opps, I forgot the file, here it is. Here's also a pic of one of the tops.


love it, so pretty

The top on Draculara is a Bratz shirt that I used as inspiration for the pattern. I'm gonna try to adapt it for a dress next.


Just a question.  Is it possible to put a 'scale' so that when we print these, we can make sure they are the correct size.  I've printed these three times now and each one is a different size.  Putting an inch reference scale would be amazing!!


These patterns are GREAT!!!

That's a good point Strumpet (or should I call you Delight?)

I need to borrow my dad's scanner, since I don't have one, but I'll add an inch reference as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime, I drew those on a sheet of printer paper, if that give you any idea of the scale.

I figured out how to print em =) They helped me with a conundrum I was having.  I've been drawing my own patterns for the dolls, and the over the shoulder top was driving me insane! =)

I printed it from picasa~ it worked perfectly!

and Strumpet is JUST fine for me =)

Oh~ And to make it into a dress~  Its easiest to use cotton and to line the top around the neck and down the back side and front wrap side, then snip a bit on the shoulder and fold it and the lining under~  A little iron is amazing for this. 

THEN you can add a gathered bit to the bottom of the top and make a super cute dress!


I'll try to figure out how to get a cute pattern for a top or dress that I drew and fixed last night up~  I've got a scanner, but there are piles of stuff stacked on it..


AND~ you can use blythe patterns.  They fit MH dolls =)  Sometimes they have to be made a little longer though.  

I am going to add this pattern that I traced off of an existing MH dress. I have put a scale refference bar on the pattern so it can be sized properly.

 This is to just give you guys an idea of what the pattern will make. I still have to scan it in to the CPU.

I'v e done that with barbie and real people clothes too Gabby!  It works great doesnt it?  You can make tons of garments all different from one pattern with little and big changes. 

I have mostly drawn my own patterns or traced then modified. 

I have started making indian outfits (India) for barbie and monster high, on my etsy shop

I have been working on a PILE of MH clothes (fun modern ones) and will be trying some indian suits for them in the next 2 weeks or so.  But these I am finishing will be going up for sale right by or the day after easter.  If you guys want to have a look.

I love sewing and making pretty things, and my daughter wanted her dolls to have some of her heritage (my husband is Tamil) and I started making custom dolls, clothing, shoes and accessories for her....then thought I should try selling them! 

Love this list!  Keep up the good work!

I did not realize that your were true Indian (not Am. Indian) Have you seen the Bhut character I made? I will post the pic below. I still have to finish her dupata wrap to go with the outfit. I like exploring different cultures and celebrate them as well.


She looks amazing!  I like it so far.  My mom is doing hand beading and embroidry for some of the doll sari's I made this week, and hoping next week to be putting them up on etsy.

I am actually mixed up heritage.  My daughter and son have both red and brown indian in their genes...but I am basically what you would see and call white :), thought my husbands family is pure indian (dots).  I have always had a soft spot for the culture and fashion though, and way before I met him.  I was doing henna and had sari's and bangels.  and listend to hindi music LOL, I like HIndi movie more then him! BUt seriously what girl wouldnt want to wear as much gold and sparkles as she can pile on!?.....I also did bellydancing for years.  But kids have left little to no time for that.

I love what you did with this doll, I cant wait to see the finished outfit!  

I actually started re-painting dolls cause I couldnt find any hindustani (indian) ones, for my daughter.  I have three almost done, need to take pics and put them up too.  I did henna on their hands and feet as well as basic indian makeup and kajal on thier eyes.  ooakdancingdolls is my shop name on etsy.  Check out the anarkali outfit and salwar kameez.  They are super fun to sew!

If you make your own patterns they are easy to do too.  just dont forget the sparkly bits!!

Are you going to give her a faceup too?  What doll is she?  I want that hair! LOL.

Gabby Goyle (2) said:

I did not realize that your were true Indian (not Am. Indian) Have you seen the Bhut character I made? I will post the pic below. I still have to finish her dupata wrap to go with the outfit. I like exploring different cultures and celebrate them as well.



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