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Here is where we shall have the Daily Trivia Contests.  There will be one question a day and at the end of the day, the people with it right will be announced (along with the correct answer).  Looking it up is not permitted. 


So, the first question is: What are the names of Tarzan's buddies in Tarzan?


Let the trivia begin!

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I only remember the gorilla's name. Turk or Terk (sp?) 

He had a friend elephant which could of been named Tantor. 

Breanna and Lina Greene said:

And wasn't there Tantor? He was either a big dog, a rhino or a giraffe. That's straight from memory.

Nira Bominable said:

I only remember the gorilla's name. Turk or Terk (sp?) 

Not suuuure who to give the points kinda both got it....well, Electra can decide! :D



Anyway, you guys are right.  Terk and Tantor. 



New question?  (I'm thinking anyone can post these....?  Any objections?)


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