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So disney gals i know there are at least 5 disney resorts and theme parks across the globe 1.Hawaii 2.Orlando, fl 3.California 4.China and 5.Paris we all know Orlando is the most popular then second is California (disney land) but i just want to know if you have been to any one of the 5 resorts or if you have heard of all 5 of them i have been to the disney world 3 times and love every second i spend there and i do want to go to disney land some day too! so tell us what resort you think you want to go to and talk to your friends parents family members and make sure to reserch your pick and then maybe just maybe you will end up going to your place this summer! and then when your vay cay is over tell us a about it and if you can upload pics to share with us. and if none of these places sound intersesting then maybe you can go on a cruise like me this summer and make one cool stop at disney's own private island in the Bahamas!

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Yup, been to California one, hope to go to Orlando

really i have never been to California but i would like to go i have been to orlando and next i want to go to the paris of hawaii one


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