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If you have a fave music video here the spot to tell about it!

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Mine right now is The Flood by Escape the Fate (can you tell I like that band lol!) Its an awesome video!

Right now I'm completely in love with Ballad Of Mona Lisa from Panic At The Disco, I'm a sucker for Steampunk, and The League of S.T.E.A.M. are in it.  In fact they provided the net gun.


I also adore the video for Voltaire's Happy Birthday My Olde Friend.  (Some lyrics may be wildly inappropriate for minors.)

OMG I LOVE MONA LISA!!!!!!!!! (sorry for screaming!!) I've never heard of voltaire before. I love escape the fates 10 mines wide and they have a certain 4 letter word in fact a lot of my fave songs have that word.....

It's a pretty epic video, so many wonderful hats, and moustaches. *Dreamy sigh*  

Feh, people worry to much about profanity, the only reason I'm not cursing like a sailor is because the site has rules against it.  I used be kind of into Escape The Fate, not so much anymore. 


I've got another one, Creature Feature's Buried Alive.  Although that's mostly because I like the song. 

I don't have a problem with swearing really. I don't do it around my 'rent though....other wise......GROUNDED! anyway I also like Black Veil Brides 2 vids; perfect weapon and knifes and pens. those 2 vids really aren't for kids/teens under 15 (not for swearing).

I'll have to look them up, the names at least have my interest peaked.


their songs are pretty good! I only started listening to them last night...literally! I only got the cd from the library yesterday! lol
I've always loved paramore's Brick by Boring Brick and misery Business videos I also love Cherri Bomb's Too Many Faces and Here To Rock


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