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I just thought i would let you know about the hospital policy in case you're thinking of sending a doll in.

1. any doll you send in has to have all of her parts including her limbs, torso, head, wig and eyes.

2. any doll you send in must be nude or clothing will get lost this includes earrings that detach fixed earings can stay in of chose.

3. you can not send in a doll that has had an eye swap or had different eyes put in unless they are the same color whether it wouldn't be noticeable.

4. you can not send in a doll that has had a wig swap or a different wig put on the doll unless the new wig came from the same character or my ag.

5. You can send in a doll with an x but defective repairs might not be free.

6. if your doll has silver eye or bubble eye it can be replaced for free

7. if your doll has grrl on her body tag instead of girl torso will be replaced for free.

9. if your doll has discoloration that causes her skin to turn grey or green any parts that are discolored will be replaced for free

10. if your doll wig unrevealed they will replace head for free

11. if your doll has muted face paint her head can be replaced for 55 dollars

12. if your doll is chewed or torso is torn her body can be replaced for 55 dollars

13. if you doll has a retacked eye lashes her eyes will be replaced for free

14. if your doll's eyes are broken new eyes can be purchased for 28 dollars

15. your doll can be restrung and cleaning for 28 dollars

16. you can get a full doll replacement by sending in your doll and paying 110 dollars.

17. ears can be pierced for 16 dollars 

18. restring and cleaning comes with other repairs free

19. hearing aids can be put on your doll for 16 dollars on one ear or both

20. you can get your my ag doll's head replaced with a bald head for 55 dollars

21. bald heads can be replaced for free with any my ag head that matches the torso after you're done with the doll being bald if they never had hair to begin with.

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