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I should probably have thought off a more witty title, but it's too late now.



Chroma eating Skittles, like a boss.

Maddy's brilliant OC Willow Grey as 11. I drew this months ago, in October, I think, but I still like it. 

Arianna Furey (Frodo), Felica Fright (Samwise), Elpie West (Merry) and Lola Pop (Pippin). Expect a coloured version of this soon, as well as more OCs as LOTR characters. Ari belongs to KraftyKitsune, Felica belongs to Felica Fright, Elpie belongs to Sadie and I own Lola. Now, out of pure curiosity, which one is your favourite? 

More shall come soon and stuff.

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Willow by far


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