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They have arrived here in the US!!!!  I just found them yesterday at a ToysRUs in Muskegon Michigan!!!  They are so cute.  I picked up 2, Garny (Dark Fairy Zelf) and Flamy (Dragon Zelf)  I like the medium sized ones better, than the larger ones.  The larger ones faces don't look as cute.  Will try to post pics of my two, once I get home and have access to my digital camera. =)  Can't wait til they start showing up at Walmart (they are being sold at Walmart and ToysRUS) because then I can go there on a daily basis and see which ones they have.  They are $6.99 for the medium, $12.99 for the large and then they have Mini MYSTERY ones in flower pots for $2.99 at TRU!!

I have Flamy and Elfia, they're adorable. I want mooooore! hahah. the medium sized ones are similar in scale to my tea bunnies, and the MLPs so that's cool.

they're £5:99 in the UK for the mediums, 9:99 for the large and I haven't seen the tinies yet.

I've got my eye out for super rare Miss Clover lol, doubt i'll ever see her. Apparenty there's 10000 worldwide.

So how big are the zelfs, are the mediam size ones 5in including the hair, the large dolls 8in including the hair and the smallest ones are 3in including the hair? Are those the correct sizes i am guessing since i don't have one yet.

Yes. Those sizes are correct. The mediums are the cutest. The small ones lack the detail and personality and the big ones are just too big with less adorable faces. I found the entire set (minus the rare Clover) at TRU today.


thrifty dolly said:

So how big are the zelfs, are the mediam size ones 5in including the hair, the large dolls 8in including the hair and the smallest ones are 3in including the hair? Are those the correct sizes i am guessing since i don't have one yet.

They do remind me of troll dolls, esp because of the hair. But I disliked trolls and somehow I really love these. I think the faces are far cuter. I wish now I had pre-ordered the Clover off TRU when she was still available to pre-order. I saw them when they first went up, but thought I would not like them. Now I'll probably be buying Clover off some scalper on ebay. I never find anything rare on my own.

Trugothicfairy said:

They look like troll dolls my mom has

without the hair, the medium ones are about the same size as the Bratzillaz pets. The large ones are a similar size to the original Trolls and the small ones are pencil toppers... literally pencil toppers. They have a hole in them so you can stick em on the end of a pencil lol.

I have a photo of Elfia riding Wingsy lol, i'll have to upload it later on.

The Zelfs FB page has some pics posted showing the size differences of the (x)small, medium and large dolls. I pre-ordered a few in the medium size on ToysRUs' site. So cute!

I got howlette, vampula and angelala all medium size. I didn't see miss.clover.

I only want medium size ones since they look the best to me.

Miss Clover is going to be a rare, limited edition one.  So good luck finding her.  We've been searching but only found the twelve that are common.

The Zelfs are the newest version of Troll dolls for those of you saying 'they remind me of trolls' well..they are trolls! :) they've been re-designed for the new generation of kids...and re-named to stop any association with the cyber bullying 'internet trolls' plus they're under a new company called Moose toys (DAM things the original company have sold the trolls to almost every country...moose is australia's cut, but released the dolls America Dreamworks now owns the rights to troll dolls and are making a movie for 2015...wouldn't it be cool if Dreamworks worked with moose to make a Zelfs movie instead?!) Yeeeah I love my trolls...ahaha they're my main obsession just above Monster High and these Zelfs look AMAZING next to my's like troll dolls meet My little pony :3  

see I was a bit confused about whether they really WERE trollz because Moose themselves are being a bit cagey about that. When asked on facebook "So are these the new trolls?" they insisted "no! They're totally different" which I thought was odd given i'd previously read "oh yeah, these are totally relaunched Trolls"

I kinda wish I had my old trolls, sadly I no longer own the huge collection I once had. I had hundreds in all different sizes, I was obsessed. When i was a kid it was Russ who had the distribution.

As for miss Clover, facebook page told me there are 10,000 in the world. I was curious so I asked about how rare she was lol.

There are a few givaways to get her though, I think Moose themselves are running a "give us proofs of purchase and we'll send clover" thing but you'd have to look it up, I lost the link.

For those in the UK, right now Argos has 3 for 2 on all toys including the Zelfs which is pretty nice. If you're looking to build your collection fast, youcould do so pretty cheaply using that deal. It'd equate to £12 for 3 of the mediums which is a nice price imo heh. I think I might have to check out the nearest store and maybe take advantage.. dum de dum.

They are doing giveaways for her? o_O   I'm trying to find it, no luck thus far.


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