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I'll be putting any of my Monster High art here~


First, this is my MH oc Ally Corn, daughter of the unicorn (named after the horn of unicorns, alicorn). This is just a random drawing of her.

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When I first saw the title, I was like "What? Since when did I make that thread? Why didn't I get an email notification that someone bumped it?" before I saw your username. Facepalm for Overlady Zena.

But Ally's a very pretty OC, and I love the headshot/bust you posted of her! The eye is extremely detailed, and I love the hair!  The expression is completely adorable with that pout.

lol That must have been a bit confusing. It's always odd when you find someone else with the same or a similar username ;p


Thank you so much for the kind words!

It is!

And you're welcome! She really is cute!

She's great.  :)  Love the sketch style


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