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This is a pretty big deal according to new us law all you tubers must choose either to label their content for kids or not for kids. If you do label your content not for kids the ftc will still look at it as well as you tube will look at it and make their own determination and if you tube decides your video is for kids they will mark it for kids without notifying you. If the ftc decides your video is for kids and you or you tube has not labeled the video for kids you could be fined by the ftc. I've labeled all the videos in my current channel but I still have a few random videos on other not active channels which I'm hoping will get flagged. Thou the fine is said to be about 43,000 dollers the ftc said if you are unable to pay your channel will just be deleted and or you may be given a lower fine. I'm hoping you tube catches those four videos with their mechine because I'd rather not deal with getting fined over this. It seems they will start with channels that are getting ads but then eventually move on to smaller channels so he aware that this could effect your channel espically if a lot of the big you tubers take care of their kids videos right away. 

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