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Well, I wanted to know the general liking of EAH charecters. Mine are:

5. Briar Beauty. She has an uncanny resemblance to me...:).

4.Apple White. I llike her outfit and her voice, just not her wanting Raven Queen to be evil...

3. Lizzie Hearts. I cannot stand her voice, but she is pretty..

2. Maddie Hatter. I love EVERYTHING about her.. I don't see why she's a rebel just because she's friends with Raven Queen.

1. Kitty Cheshire. I love how her smile has already been included in the series! Her hair and..everthing is cool about her!

How about you guys?

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I love Lizzie Hearts  but I also like kitty, briar, blondie locks and apple white

5) Cerise Hood - I love her look, and am curious about her big bad secret.  Might she have something in common with a clan of lupine siblings that we all know and love?

4) Raven Queen - a beautiful doll, and probably the most fleshed out of the characters so far.  I like how she isn't so willing just to accept what she's "destined" to become.  I think that there will be many who will relate to her.

3) Apple White - she's a lovely doll, and as a character, she's physically beautiful, but somewhat thoughtless.  However, she's not thoughtless because she wants to be, it's because she acts/reacts with regards to what she knows, and what she knows is that Raven is "supposed to" be evil.

2) Kitty Cheshire - Though I don't have one, I am a sucker for cats.  I am probably one of the few people here who aren't sick of werecats in MH, and I think everything about Kitty is adorable.  I giggled like crazy in the latest webisode when her smile lingered after she disappeared.

1) Madeline Hatter - I love how freewheeling and carefree she is ("Hello, narrators!"), and her doll is a must-have for me.  I  love her in-your-face colors and details (the teacup hat is to die for!).  I do wish that she will come with her mouse; she almost seems incomplete without him!

1. Apple White -- My favorite of the four dolls and my favorite webisode character too. I feel she somehow manages to be endearing even when she's being a bit whiny. Lots of potential for her to "flip her destiny" in a way even she wouldn't expect. We'll see what happens...

2. Madeline Hatter -- Just plain fun! I love AIW and her character perfectly captures the original Hatter's manic excitement. Beautiful doll, too.

3. Kitty Cheshire -- Again, a great nod to the Carroll original. Lots of potential for a great doll here, too!

4. Lizzie Hearts -- Yet ANOTHER Carroll-inspired creation. Love her attitude, she's very sharp (literally and figuratively).

5. Bo Peep -- I know we don't know much about her at all really, but I love her design! A friend and I were discussing her earlier and I described her as Little Bo Peep meets Dolly Parton. She's sweet and kind but also very... buxom (ahem). ;)

1. Madeline Hatter. I have always admired the mad hatter and she reminds me of myself because I tend to get a bit crazy.I

also love how she tends to break the fourth wall.

2. Raven Queen. I love her outfit and how she doesn't want to be evil. She doesn't act like a mindless zombie doing everything she is told to do.

3. Cerise Hood. I love the look and how she may possibly be a werewolf.

4.Kitty Chesire. she looks beautiful and I love cats.

5.Lizzie Hearts. I love her design and she could be a very beautiful doll but her voice is weird. It's weird in a good way because it suits her character.

1. Dexter Charming - I like him a lot, he seems to be on the outside, just as much as Raven is. Everyone praises Apple and shuns Raven, kinda similar to everyone admiring Daring and not really noticing Dexter.

2. Daring Charming - He's arrogant but i think that makes him hilarious, like when he caught Briar and said saving damsels in distress was his thing, and then he dropped Briar and continued to look in the mirror, and his shiny sparkling smile lol

3. Hunter Huntsman - I like his personality, and thought it was a fun scene when he chased his pet around. Plus he has a secret relationship with Ashlynn.

4. Kitty Cheshire - I love the Cheshire cat, so i immediately gravitated to her, she's mischievous and fun (and doesn't her voice actor sound like Fluttershy's voice actor on MLPFiM)

5. Hopper Croakington II - he seems to have a fun personality too, like when he tries to hit on the unnamed girl in all grey and she refuses but then kisses him when he's a frog and he turns back

I really like all the guys, I think their designs and presentation are superb. lol

1. Cerise Hood. Love the design, hair and her big bad secret (she somewhat reminds me of Rogue in X-Men Evolution, and I am a big Rogue fan :))! We haven't seen much of her as a character, but I can imagine she's very cool and a bit of a loner too. I hope her doll gets a unique headmold to accommodate her secret aswell :)

2. Lizzie Hearts. Again, love the design! Great doll potential!

3. Madeline Hatter. Fun character and great design and love the doll and how she's smaller then the rest. For me, she's the best doll of the four revealed so far.

4. Blondie Locks. Something about her design and character is just so sweet, I really find her endearing. I hope she gets a doll that translates this well.

5. for me this would be a tie between Kitty Cheshire and Cedar Wood, both character wise and design wise. If Cedar's doll gets a unique bodymold resembling the wooden pattern it would be awesome!

1.Cerise Hood-Love the style and her "big bad" secret is just awsome! Even her voice is appealing to me.

2.Raven Queen-Again love the style, and the whole character. Her power could cause some chaos.

3.Lizzie Hearts-What a voice and she reminds me of a rocker girl (?), don't know why.

4.Hunter Huntsman-Love that shirt design! And how he looks, also that secret dating is just adorable.

5.Maddie Hatter-Craaaazy girl, love the tea obsession too!

1. Lizzie Hearts! She looks amazing, I hope her doll will just as stunning.

2. Madeline Hatter, awesome character - really cute doll, looks like rainbowcolored cottoncandy!

3. Cerise Hood, looks great, love the short hair for a change

4. Apple White

5. Kitty Cheshire, I simply love the cheshire cat (and obviously anything Alice in wonderland themed despite not actually liking the actual story...)


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