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Hey guys! I'm sure a bunch of us have heard of the new bratz line, 'Bratzillaz'. And they are obviously a knock-off of monster high. But I was to here your opinions~

When I first heard of the bratz line, I 100% disagreed with it. I hated the fact that stupid bratz were trying to copy monster high. Then when I saw the prototype picture, I considered stealing their clothes for monster high (or my future customs). Other than that, I don't feel like supporting them, for stealing monster high's ideas.

So today, I was in toysrus looking for Monster High when I saw these cute little dolls, and they turned out to be.. Bratzillaz! They are MUCH MUCH MUCH cuter in real life. I was very very tempted to buy one (it would've been Jade). I mean I know these are 'copies' but they are pretty good. I can't stop staring at them (on flickr!),

So what are your guys' thoughts? Has anybody else 'caved in' and bought them? Has anybody else turned them down because they are copies? Or am I the only one who thinks they are pretty cute?

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Saw these in person for the first time yesterday at Walmart. While I think they're cute, looking at them closely, I just felt that they looked a bit cheap to me. While they're definitely a step up from Bratz, they just don't have that same polish that I've grown accustomed to with the MH dolls. Was almost thinking of giving the pink haired one a shot, as I love pink hair on a doll, but in the end I reconsidered & put her back.

The glass eyes and new body are a good change; the eyes are just beautiful, and the new body proportions and added waist swivel make these dolls more characterful to pose. I also like the theme and styles; each character has a unique look and although they're being marketed as witches, Bratzillaz, feel more anime magical girl to me than anything else. I think it's great idea to make Bratzillaz as "new" characters that are witches instead of Bratz characters dressing up as witches; it's more interesting fiction-wise.

The doll lines for 2012 are very good in my opinion. I found myself actively checking Bratz and Winx, which I wouldn't even have given a second look before but changes to them made me very interested. The themes and styles are a lot better and cohesive than before and the new engineering has made the dolls more posable and better proportioned (in my taste). But one thing is preventing me from jumping into Bratzillaz and Believix: the lack of individual face sculpts.

One big draw of Monster High for me are the individual face sculpts for each character; it makes each doll more unique. When a doll line does that, it makes it infinitely more interesting to me. That's the one thing that puts Bratzillaz and Believix in my "That's Interesting" camp and Monster High in my "OMG! Must Buy Gotta-Catch-Em'-All" camp.

I agree that the glass eyes are good.
I'm used to seeing rip offs of toys companies do it all the time. But I looked at these witches and they look completely generic. Its like they took a mould, copied it several times and then slapped different wigs and outfits on them.
With MH all the dolls look different. Clawdeen and Howleen are sisters but they still look unique.
I'll pass on the Bratz, especially seeina as they cost a lot more than MH of the similar wave type

I think they are cool but I do think they shouldnt have copied

They're not really copying, they're just jumping the bandwagon.

Adele Taylor Smithkins said:

I think they are cool but I do think they shouldnt have copied

personally i love the bratzillaz and novi star lines my daughter loves the alot and i adore the glass eyes with the image in them its unique and cool  i do agree their just jumping on the cool freaky doll bandwagon wich in my opinion is nice bc someitmes its hard to find mh dolls like right now shopping for aubreys bday and cant find anything excpet got a catrene and the wave one power ghouls so i got her a bratzillaz vampalina and novi stars tula tone to go wit her bday gifts its nice ot have soemthing she can blend together she makes them all go to her mh highschool lol my girl know  how to rock it lol

hi. i know its a bit late but... i agree that the're copy cats and that they're just trying to knock them off. Although i found jade kinda cute. but i didnt cave in and buy her lol so you're not the only one who thinks they're kinda cut! lol ;)


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