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Have your Monster High dolls got any doll errors?!

My Frankie Stein Scarily ever after Threadrella doll has some yellow sponge sticking out of her hair.

How about your doll errors?


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My Ghouls Rule Draculaura has two left hands. XD

My Spectra Power ghouls doll has one eye wider than the other, and on my Picture Day Spectra one of her eyes is lower than the other. On my original Frankie one eye is bigger than the other and on my I love Fashions Frankie there's a smidge of paint not on her lip (tolerable though),

I'm apparently not all that lucky with Frankie's and Spectra's

My picture day Cleo and my sisters, both had a big gob of glue in their hair. I could get out all of my sisters dolls glue but I had to cut mine out :( mostly the only flaws I've found is wonky hair on some of them. But that doesn't bother me...I can re-style or fix up hair, and face paint. My sisters clawdeens ATM snapped off right out of the box. Good to know we should contact Mattel. :)

I suppose my experience is different, but because I make my dolls into their own characters, I usually specifically buy dolls with major paint errors on them. I've seen some real doozies in my time. but i think the worst one I ever bought was a Skulltimate Operetta with her lip paint smeared all over, a wonky elbow, and a massive case of walleye.

My Gargoyle CAM has 2 left feet. My Roller Maze Clawdeen has purple paint on on her right eye eyeshadow

My wave one frankie's hand always comes out. Most of the time their eyes have chips that I don't notice in the box. My Catrine makes me mad though. She has a perfect face but her hair in the back is angled cut, not all one length. Kinda ticks me off.

monster high is so epic! said:

Have you ever had a problem with Mh dolls arms and legs falling off at all?

purple_monkfish (AKA Clown Wig) said:

Most of the time, it's wonky eyes or smeared paint for me. I've had a few with really smeared up face paint, chipped lips, rubbed eyebrows or wonky eyes.

My dead tired Ghoulia has 2 left slippers and my roller maze clawdeen had has hair plugs missing around her ears and make up issues.
My doll's hair go really messy. Jinafire's bun has hair sticking out everywhere. I have several paint scratches on my Spectra and her arm and hands and necklace are missing.

My schools out Lagoona has wonky eyes, my dead tired Abby has red on the back of one hand and on the back of her calves, and my Howleen from the sister pack has a loose forearm! Oh and sister pack Clawdeen has really frizzy hair same with Lagoona. 

my picture day Abbey has a tight and squeaky right leg, my ghouls rule Frankie has a massive bals spot the the right side of her haed, i won't return it because it was my first monster high doll and a christmas gift, and my CAM bee girl has 2 right shoes, basically all my problems are on the right side of my dolls

It's kinda funny. My basic Abbey had a lipstick smear. She broke so Mattel gave me a new one she is missing lipstick!

I kinda enjoy looking for errors in things, though I've never personally had any myself unless you count tinsel hair, because I tend to have bad luck with that.

Anyway, today I was at Walmart and they have just begun to carry the 13 Wishes Haunt The Casbah Draculaura doll. It was the only one there so I just had to get it. When I got home, I opened her up when to my surprise, I found some of gold/yellow staining on her in a few spots.

Now, mind you that it wasn't enough to be a big deal or anything. But this was the first I've seen/heard of that happening. It's a few spots on the top part of her left hand where the bracelet is. And also in both of her ear holes, except for the right one where it's also a bit outside of the ear hole. But like I said, it's hard to see them and there's easy ways of covering it. But I hadn't heard of Jewelry staining MH dolls yet.

Has that happened to anyone else?


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