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Well, it's 2019 now! Which Monster High dolls are you finding / are arriving at your door?

So far, I've received the following MH dolls:

* Astranova & her Flotation Station

* I Love Shoes Draculaura (Online, they specifically said that they delivered the doll into the hands of someone who lives here. LOL! In some ways, I don't know weather to be amused or afraid because of the detailed way that they described the delivery.)

* 13 Wishes Frankie

I'm still waitin' on....

* The Lagoona & Cleo Scaris 2-pack

* Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

* Freak du Chic Frankie

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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Well, Cleolei arrived today, but it was a bit scary, because I checked Amazon before I went to check for Cleolei, and they claimed that the doll had been left "at the post box," or something like that, so I freaked out a bit (It was supposed to arrive at the house!), but I went down to the mailbox, anyway, just to make sure....and....

Guess where Cleolei really was? She had been left outside of the house, alright....on the wooden beams that stick out just behind the actual mail box!!! Any lulu could've come by and stolen her! At least I was lucky enough to have gotten to her first! Major....sigh....of relief!

Now, she is wonky, and her eye shadow is really wonky, but that's kind of funny, actually, because, on the front of the box, the illustration of Cleolei shows her left eye as being large, and her right eye as being small, and my actual doll is the reverse of that (Her right eye is large, and her left eye is small), so that the fact that the doll is wonky reads as being kind of ironic. LOL!

She does have definite "Cat Eyes", though, and her lip paint looks prrr-etty good, too. Her hair is a bit thin, but I love her hairstyle; when she was being reviewed online, circa about 2014, people were being sooo negative about her orange Toralei streak, but I actually love it! I am a little bit worried about future glue issues, though....We shall see....

People were sort of right about her coloration, though. Strange! It's like a cross between a peach-colored carrot....and some lovely orange sorbet! LOL! Those blue eyes, on the other hand, are absolutely gore-geous! Prrr-fect!

Overall, I can't believe that I finally have this lovely doll! Her price has since gone up online, so I feel rather fortunate, too!

The reason that I am slightly gun-shy and wary when it comes to ordering items from sites like Amazon is that I received the wrong doll from Amazon on at least two occasions; the site was lucky that I had wanted both "wrong" dolls badly enough to just keep them, but I did have to order Haunted Draculaura again in order to actually get her, and I still have to order Ghouls Getaway Jane again sometime, because I received the wrong doll that time, too! The first time that I ordered Haunted Draculaura, I received Haunted Spectra, but she had the pretty Haunted Spectra faceup, so, of course, I was, like, "Who would be insane enough to complain about receiving that doll?". LOL! Then, when I ordered GG Jane, I received GG Elissabat, but, again, my attitude was something along the lines of, "Who would be insane enough to complain in this case?" LOL! Thank goodness that the originally-requested dolls weren't intended as gifts for a tearful child with high hopes, or I'd have been screwed, courtesy of Amazon!

I have to say that at least I've been lucky enough to have never received a wrong doll that was a doll that I already had, though. That'd bite! So....I've had pretty good luck.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

LOL Wolfie.

I adore Haunted Spectra (but I love Haunted Drac too. She was my first Drac doll! I never liked her when I first collected Monster High. I have changed my mind since.)

And I prefer GG Elissabat to Jane.

So lucky mistakes after all!


I used my Birthday money to order Ghouls Rule Cleo online, and she should be arriving soon! :)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Happy post Birthday!

I have Ghouls rule Cleo and I love her. I love the snake and wraps necklace. She looks like Isis High Priestess!

I only have 2 ghouls rule dolls Cleo and Frankie. I was not so keen on the 2 others.

Enjoy her!

Hello, Tula,

I will! She was the only one that the seller had left, but she's supposedly new in the box, so I'm hopeful that she'll at least look decent (No lip smudges, etc., in the box).

I may actually trim her hair a bit, if it looks really uneven out of the box. I personally think that Cleo may be the best-looking doll from that particular wave of MH dolls; I am not too keen on Frankie's lightening "crackle" facial designs, and even though Draculaura is cool, her eye makeup can be a bit distracting....for me, anyway.

I love Cleo's overall look, though.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Yes Cleo is lovely. I really like Frankie too. I like the lightning facial design, her black hair and her "Paco Rabanne" gothic outfit!

Hello, Tula,

I must admit that I am a fan of that particular Frankie's bangs. :)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I just bought Clawdeen dead tired with the bunk beds! So excited! I've been yearning for this set since 2011 when I  began collecting! Bought her through a Facebook sale...all in box but removed for display by a collector. I'm so wary of buying on Facebook because of how many scam stories I hear...I run a doll swap/buy/sell group myself and the amount of people who run to me with scammed stories make me scared. Though I've never personally been scammed (I'm careful...ask for proof they have the doll, pay through PayPal goods and services only etc). 

The lady only wanted around £25 for them! Happy me :)


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