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Because let's face it, we're all uberly miserable right now.  We need a good place to try not to think about this character replaced or never seeing this two pack.

For me, the highest point of Monster High was SDCC Valentine.  Yeah, sure he was SDCC, but after years of asking I finally got the chance to get Valentine.  To me he's my holy grail or crown jewel, whichever you prefer.  

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Highest point was 2011, getting original Ghoulia Yelps and Holt Hyde. Then Abbey, Spectra, Toralei, and Operetta and Nefera in 2012. 

Those were the times when MH was at its best. Especially the original dolls in their trapper-keeper boxes.

I always loved the trapper keeper boxes, Holt in the original box is my dream doll.  My sister just has Frankie, Drauclaura, and Clawdeen in the old boxes, we never even saw some like Holt or Ghoulia.  

"Because let's face it, we're all uberly miserable right now."

not me! i love the reboot 

highest point of MH to me is the reboot!

I think for me it was all the way back at the start, when each new release was more awesome than the last.

But I have to say ooo.. probably Wydowna because holy snot she's an 8 limbed jet black spider girl and who the heck thought that would ever happen?

she never sold well :( my tru had her on clearance still love her!

I'd say when I got my first Spectra dolls and when I got Nefera and all the boy dolls I got including my first boy Scaris Deuce, I will also say getting Abbey as one of my first was pretty special too.

There are 3 high points: Ghouls Night Out Spectra, 13 Wishes Spectra and the beautiful & captivating "Haunted" line (minus the annoying & ridiculous Clawdeen & Draculaura).

You forgot Basic Spectra ;)

Haunted was such a good line. Every new character was great.

2014 was definitely my favorite year.  So many boys!  Too bad Holt didn't get one then.

I was also really excited for Love's Not Dead, even though I don't really like Ghoulia or Slo Mo.  It was about freakin' time they had a two pack!

I didn't collect MH from the beginning :( so I'm sure the originals releases were amazing to see and buy. Not being able to get alot of dolls that I missed out on sucked.

But my high point was when I scored a Cupid used but in real good condition. With all her accessories and her hair intact. I never thought cause of being late to the collecting party would get a Cupid. Nefera I knew I would never score but at least I got her 2.0 version 

Scarah Screams I heart fashion was a nice high point too considering she my favorite character. Also the original re-releases was another very appreciated high point considering it would of cost alot more to find them all.

I really enjoyed the entire Scaris line! I remember ordering all the dolls online before they hit stores! I was so excited whenever I got a new package in the mail that Christmas!

I'm new to the hobby, as I've said in other threads.  Only started collecting in November of 2015.  I made a wish list of dolls and the one that I wanted most was School's Out Abbey.  Her outfit in the movie with all the white fur really says 'Abbey' to me.  I wanted that doll so bad, but she was rather elusive.  Well, today I finally found her New in the box at a very reasonable price on EBay.  A great New Year gift to myself.

Since I am new to the hobby, I'm trying not to be discouraged by all the collectors who want to give up.  I don't like what I see for the future either, but I am hopeful that I can continue to find the older dolls for a long time yet to come.


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