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I've noticed a few little ones running around posting things that have nothing to do with MH and uploading pictures of themselves. Personally I think this is inappropriate and I doubt the parents are monitoring what their offspring do online. I know a few younger members who are very mature and passionate about the dolls and I have no problem and enjoy talking with them. The ones mentioned before should probably be on CP or studying for their upcoming spelling test, IMO. Just saying..

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This is a great board, thanks everyone for contributing. It is a real problem that needs to be addressed. =/
Dude, you're throwing away something beautiful. Being a kid is a temporary thing that you'll never have again.
frankie said:
im 1 of those mature kids i even hav proof i watch family guy and other teen and adult shows like jersey shore and degrassi and that 70s show
Well, I am 11 and mature. I don't think 3 year old should be on this.
I personally think nobody should put any info on here, I lied about my birthday by a few monthes and days, because I just plain don't put my birthday. A fake name, too. It irks me when I see kiddies posting pics of themselves. I don't come to this site for "social networking", I come for news. And also help and opinions with my OCs. This is a really tough subject, considering I've seen 8 year olds on here that are extremely mature, but I've seen older people be immature too. I think kids need to learn just how dangerous the internet is, nowadays they put it all out there.


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