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I've noticed a few little ones running around posting things that have nothing to do with MH and uploading pictures of themselves. Personally I think this is inappropriate and I doubt the parents are monitoring what their offspring do online. I know a few younger members who are very mature and passionate about the dolls and I have no problem and enjoy talking with them. The ones mentioned before should probably be on CP or studying for their upcoming spelling test, IMO. Just saying..

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Sarah pretty much stole most of the words out of my mouth. We only come here to see if there is any news on new dolls or any thing. I do like the photos, though. PS Deuce, will you please tell me why you approve pics of dolls naked? That's something that bothers me along with the personal photos.
sarah van winkle said:

I am 9 years old,and i know not to do all of that stuff.I only come on this site to check news and postnews.:-(

not all kids post pics of themselves.

If you notice the opening post, I said not all kids are the problem. =)
Not only that but kids don't realize that in their pictures there could be a school logo on their shirt or a place where they live that people can zoom in on and find them easy. I also want to see more picture of dolls on here not pictures of children. I think if they want to post a picture just leave it to your profile image not random pictures of them where picture of the dolls should be. and deuce if you want to change something maybe you should make a separate place for just pictures of the dolls and one where people can post pictures of themselves. Just a suggestion. Oh and I agree with Jade De Nile why do you approve of dolls naked that's completely inappropriate.

Genevieve said:

I assumed this was a site for dolls and not kiddie social networking. I am familiar with COPA, although the government isn't the one that whines, it's mommy and daddy. It's always been mommy and daddy. Who do you think was behind COPA?

When I look through new photos I don't want to come across pictures of little kids, I want to see new products and other members' latest photo shoots. Unknowingly coming across pictures of other peoples' kids is awkward and an invasion of their privacy.

I strongly believe that children do not belong on the internet outside of sites made for children. If this site was made for children, then my bad. If it wasn't I think younger fans should go to MH's official website and play. They'd be happier, we'd be happier, everyone would be happier. Sorry for being a you know what about this, Deuce. I do enjoy your site. =)

5th or 6th. now the art and dolls with a kid is ok in my book or if they are cosplaying of the MH gang ok like thats few kids did a while back. that was cute. but just random pics of them and family i don't get nor like to see, or those pics that spam the web posted like 50 times. {it just bugs me alittle.}

Hopping on this - I noticed several members who seemed to have signed up with their full, real names. Perhaps it needs a "Do not use your real or full name" attached to the name field. I mean, this is my real name but if you google this it'll take you several months of Sundays to track me down. Maybe.


Also, a delete accounts if no sign in for 30 days maybe. Send a reminder a week before.


I would also go through and clear out a lot of those photos. We do not need to see those kids in the photo album. Anyone can access the site. I don't know how it is in the states, but in the UK it is pretty much drummed into kids not to tell or put your real name or photos of yourself online or really trust anyone is who they claim to be now.


The thing with Facebook is that you can severely restrict who views your profile and under 16s are not really meant to have profiles. Despite me being a big scary grown up (apparently) I don't have anything visible to the public apart from my name and I think a photo, just in case anyone is trying to track me down. Bebo is designed for teens and I believe has a fairly high moderator presence and safety warnings.

i dont agree with facebook but i totally agree the clues in the MONSTER HIGH they should make every one take a fan test when they sign up


Any personal pictures, from anyone any age, really have no place on here. With exception of something like a person's monster high costume.

But, what bugs me more is the younger kids (teens too?) reposting/stealing other people's artwork or pictures, and traced drawings.

I am assuming Blahh was referring to kiddie social networking. It's about the dolls, not socializing. Older people don't socialize here, they take it elsewhere.  Uploading albums of friends and yourself is something to do on FB and random chatting is what chat rooms are for. Coming on the MH forums with "im bored lol" clutters the message boards and is obnoxious in general. I haven't seen you do either of those things and you always have good things to say and a true interest in the dolls. You also do not spew things like "omg i hat mi teatur sooo much lol!!1 do u hat ur teatur lol?" like some of the people your age do, which is cool. :)
sarah van winkle said:
actually,this site was created for monster high dolls fans for ALL! some kids like myself just come here for news FYI

Blahh said:
I agree 100% this site is about monster high dolls not u little kids. the parents probaly dont even know they have one of these
i agree one or two pix of yourself is fine so we can see who each other is but i dont want to see a ten year old little girl with her lips puckered posing!!! oh well and because they are little kids they will prob just do it more after this post!!! (u know kow children can be) hopefully it gets under control
A little part of me died when I saw that. When I was little I would get into my mother's makeup and I am so happy I didn't have a camera to capture the image for forever and a computer to upload the pictures for the world to see. I didn't spend much time online when I was little I still managed to do some pretty embarrassing stuff that I wish never happened. I was in the first wave of internet munchkinz, at the time it was even more of a novelty. (On a side note we thought everyone was a kidnapper because of all the internet horror stories our parents pounded into our heads. Heh.)
exactly! i saw this one picture of a little girl around 8 or 9 in full out makeup and posing like a few days ago. thts not related to monster high at all

I agree with the parents should monitor what there kids are looking ate while there online.

Actualy Im afraid to post some of my own MH charecters I dont want the parents to see them and start going Helen Lovejoy

on this website.

There not Mature just more PG/PG-13 images with emphasis on detail to the clothing.

im 1 of those mature kids i even hav proof i watch family guy and other teen and adult shows like jersey shore and degrassi and that 70s show


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