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I've noticed a few little ones running around posting things that have nothing to do with MH and uploading pictures of themselves. Personally I think this is inappropriate and I doubt the parents are monitoring what their offspring do online. I know a few younger members who are very mature and passionate about the dolls and I have no problem and enjoy talking with them. The ones mentioned before should probably be on CP or studying for their upcoming spelling test, IMO. Just saying..

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I completely agree, I have seen lots of photos of kids on here and I know not just kids get on this site. I don't think parents should let their children upload photos of themselves on here. If it's a parent uploading a photo of a child I think that's fine but still. Kids need to be safe especially since this site shows the location of where you live.

Thank you! I was feeling like I was all alone on this one!

I agree. And quite Frankly, I frown on posting pictures of yourself on here at all. I mean the photo feature is meant for sharing pictues of dolls, Right? I don't understand why so many kids are posting endless albums of themselves, their siblings, friends, ect.
I also agree! the other day is saw a ton of pictures that this young girl posted of herself and one of them was really inappropiate(spell check)
Fourthed, gosh, do you know how much this bugs me? I mean, like, it's ok, I guess if your in the pic (or you hand is holding up the doll, lol) but there are random pics of people like, on the beach. It is so ANNOYING!!!! Somethimes it is the parents though, which kinda bugs me, they are posting family photos from when they went to the beach this summer on a doll site. GET REAL FOLKS!!!

Can the monitors/owners/creators please do something?


If this is a site for young children, collectors don't belong here. I joined to talk to other mature people who shared the same love for MH, not to stumble across pictures of primary school children and their barely readable gibberish.

As they are posting pictures of other children without the parents' consent, there could be problems. From experience I know little ones tend to spew personal information such as the school they attend, their full name, personal pictures, etc, etc. If this is going to be a children's site much more monitoring is going to be needed for the children's safety. They don't know any better and it's not fair to them to possibly compromise their safety. I've played nanny on other sites, it can be very infuriating as they tend to bully each other and disciplinary action is needed and mean posts must be deleted on a regular basis.

I approve all photos before they are posted, so complaints to me!


I will consider not approving any more personal pics.Kids do seem to enjoy it, and certainly other sites like Facebook have no issues with it. If I see anyone posting their phone numbers or email, I do delete it. And don't you ever give out personal info. Your messages here are forwarded to your regular email, so there is a kind of firewall that way.


There was an initiative from congress a couple of years ago (COPPA i believe) that tried to regulate online privacy for minors. It was struck down by the Supreme Court is why sites do not restrict so much.


If there is any content you have an issue with, please use the "Report an Issue" link On the page in question. I will see the page linked in your report, it goes right to my inbox.


I assumed this was a site for dolls and not kiddie social networking. I am familiar with COPA, although the government isn't the one that whines, it's mommy and daddy. It's always been mommy and daddy. Who do you think was behind COPA?

When I look through new photos I don't want to come across pictures of little kids, I want to see new products and other members' latest photo shoots. Unknowingly coming across pictures of other peoples' kids is awkward and an invasion of their privacy.

I strongly believe that children do not belong on the internet outside of sites made for children. If this site was made for children, then my bad. If it wasn't I think younger fans should go to MH's official website and play. They'd be happier, we'd be happier, everyone would be happier. Sorry for being a you know what about this, Deuce. I do enjoy your site. =)

I agree 100%. Honestly, I want to see pictures of the DOLLS, not some little kid. :\ It honestly bothers me, and makes me feel somewhat seriously uncomfortable.

I'll be sure to take my issues to you, Deuce. C:

ugh i totally agree with you, its bad enough they do it on facebook and myspace...
CORRECTION: "young" no longer applies.


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