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You Need help Finding a doll..but its not there where you live but its here where i live WELL THIS IS THE PLACE TO CLICK

Hey guys and ghouls i have some news 

I see a lot of you have trouble finding dolls where you are located. Well maybe I can help, I can get dolls that other states do not receive. 

 what you will need to do is:

First we need to discuss what dolls you are looking for. I will then locate the dolls, then go and purchase the doll of your choice. As soon as I have the doll I will send u a conformation email and ship the doll to the address of your choice. 

money order is preferred but cash is acceptable, there will be a small finders fee for locating the doll and getting it to you safe and sound. Depending on how many dolls and how hard they are to locate.

You the buyer are responsible for all S&H cost, to get the money to me and to get your doll back home with you.

I'm not asking a lot but that is what i prefer.

Thank You so much for Reading this and Replying to it, I hope you consider working with me in the future to get the dolls you have been waiting for : )

contact me by email:

Hi about the email i will pm you the email adress if you wanna try my services because i know there are some werid people in the world that would love just to stock me. Hope you fellow Ghouls understand and Thank you for reading this little info note :)

Love, Nefera de Nile236 aka Drusila

Ps: Prefer US but we could work something out :) and for a little more info


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I've done trades with you before and have had no problem at all. You're quick and things arrive well packaged.

I'm glad I decided to try your services and look forward to my new DDG Spectra and GR Dragulaura!

E-mailed you! same as my username!

I got your email and i did reply so yes :) i always check my email in the morning and night

i need howleen 

LILLY you know they hardly sell howleen and you live like right next to me !!!!


hello guys i just wanted to say that if you are instered in my services i will email you a list of the dolls that are accpectable or a list of what dolls are coming out on what month and day :)

Can you get roller maze 2 pack and scary tales?

Maybe i will call my stores and see if so then i will email or pm you ok?

and we can work something out

hey do think we could just discuss like possible prices if i wanted these dolls:

Reg. Abbey


and operetta(reg).

Thankx just discussing for now.

Nefera de Nile236 (Nef) said:

Maybe i will call my stores and see if so then i will email or pm you ok?

and we can work something out

alright long about do think shipping would take(cause i leave 4 vacay soon)?

and i couldn`t buy the doll from u for about 2-3 weeks.and we`re stll just discussing this right?

Nefera de Nile236 (Nef) said:

Michelle i could probably get Opertta which she probably about 20 dollars plus 2 dollar shipping and finders fee


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