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WTT/S: Spectra Cupid Abbey Toralei and more WTB: ST Clawdeen DT Lagoona and female BJD'S 9/3/12


My old thread was getting a little cramped so i`m making a new one,

This is for trades and selling, I like either one so look below and see what I have listed. (:

What I`m looking  for:


  •     Scary tales Clawdeen [nib]
  •     DT Lagoona [no bed, with pajamas slippers and mask]


I am interested in ANY female BJD's.

Send me a PM with pictures if you have any.

I prefer the one that are not like children/babies.

Accessories / clothes :


- Werecat twin boots ( either pair)

- Black jacket that fits female MH. (custom is okay)

- Black shirt that fits female MH. (custom is okay)


not so important

  • x1 Classroom coffin locker.[ skull lock included, NO stickers]
  •     Gloom Beach Clawdeen`s - Swim suit- top - earrings
  •      Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia's  - white tights - shoes
  •     Abbey`s snowboard club fashion pack


    FUTURE items --

  •     NIB Catrine DeMew  
  •     Abbey and Frankies furniture
  • to be updated

What I have :

pictures are lower down, please scroll down.


- Toralei *

[* loose complete, washed hair]

- Spectra Vondergiest*

[ *complete and loose ]

- SS Five pack Draculaura <- ONLY *

[ *loose, not attached to box, no stand]

- NIB Basic Abbey [2011]

- Loose S1600 C.A. Cupid.*

[*complete doll]

- [ loose, with stand and card]

- GB Frankie Stein [loose, with purse. Her hair was boil washed]

- Forbitten love Draculaura [loose complete]

-[ with outfit that is being worn and the shoes will be included]

- CAM Vampire MALE [check my other thread for more information on him. ]

- CAM Cat [ check my other thread for more information on her]

 - CAM Vampire FEMALE [check my other thread for more information on her]


Accessories and items:

- NIB Abbey fashion pack

- NIB Toralei fashion pack SOLD

- NIB Spectra fashion pack SOLD

- NIB Cleo fashion pack SOLD

- W1 Abbey furry arm warmers

- W1 Abbey furry head band

- Mad Science survival guide

- Mad Science egg, diary and pen.* SOLD

- PD Ghoulia`s book, pen, and water bottle. SOLD

- Frankies Home ICK diary, pen, spool of thread. SOLD

- SS Lagoona card/ map.

- Nefera`s skirt.

- DotD Clawdeen`s golden shoes / belt. SOLD

- Spectra`s tomb shaped iPad. SOLD

- Deuces wave 1 glasses / fashion pack glasses SOLD

- Ghoulia`s white glasses. SOLD

- Mad Science Lagoona`s extra outfit.

- GB Frankies bag.

- NIB Puzzel erasers

- New  female witch wig

- NIB Operetta fashion pack

- Loose CAM witch hat

- Loose CAM skeleton dress

- Loose CAM skeleton wig

- Loose CAM skeleton bone clip

- Loose CAM skeleton head, hands, arms, legs. SOLD

- Spectra fashion pack scarf

- Lagoona fashion pack bag


More pictures and selling collection thread :

click here for both

     INFORMATION -----

    if you want sooner shipping it will cost more
    Friend requests will be accepted to PM about item[s]
    I do have good feedback.
    I`ve done quite a few trades/buys on here.
    PayPal payment is accepted.
    Other country shipping accepted.
    Ask any and all questions I don`t bite. (:

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Are you selling spectra? Or is she for trade? Dude, every time I look on you page I keep wanting things lets just end it now and I'll buy everything LOL Funny me.
Hey guys I'm getting Robecca today (:

I can part with my Abbeys Snow boarding outfit for the loose cupid?

Can I see a pic of Spectra's face?  Is she the new release or original release?  And how much for her?

Hello everyone, I`m sorry I didn`t reply I was out of town. :(


Quinn Quiescent :

Cupid`s outfit or the entire doll  for the boarding outfit?

patricia jauss:

She is pending now, she is the new release but she has a tiny bald spot on her right side.



VoltageBoltz said:


Updated with stuff from my collection thread.

are you still holding Clawdeen W1 for a trade or are you willing to sell? :)

I am waiting on a reply about a trade. If I get a no I will probably sell her.
ill let everyone know.

Francesca said:

are you still holding Clawdeen W1 for a trade or are you willing to sell? :)

Ok thanks :) I'm really wanting her


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